What the World Health Organization worries about


I remember reading a New Yorker* article a few years back about an aging surgeon who basically felt compelled to come out of retirement because he was one of the few people with expertise in the more extreme surgical treatments for TB (basically removing lots of lung tissue). It was pretty harrowing, especially the descriptions of a patient with TB and his reactions to some of the more extreme antibiotics they were forced to try.

*At least I think it was the New Yorker. A quick glance at a search isn’t turning up the article I’m thinking of.

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I clicked on this expecting an article by Maggie. Instead all I get is a link to another article. I can find links like that on facebook or twitter. It’s not what I come to boingboing for. Another reason to be disappointed in the direction this once stellar website is going.

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BoingBoing editors, including myself, have been posting links to other sites for years. And this is true long before I came on board, as well. This site has always been a mix of original content and curated links to things we find interesting. This is a curated link to a thing I find interesting, chosen with an eye to accuracy, good reporting, and providing context that I think the readers here would appreciate. I’m not really sure what to say if you didn’t realize that this is something we’ve done all along.

I would have much preferred something like this to be the summary: “WHO reports that tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, klebsiella, typhoid, syphilis and diphteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.” A couple of sentences quoted from the article would also be fine.

I think that in its role as a link aggregator, Boing Boing should add some value to the link: a note from an editor, an informative and useful summary or excerpt, perhaps a comparison to something else on the subject. As it is, the entire presentation of this article on BB - the headline and summary - provide less information than the headline and summary in The Guardian, which is pretty click-bait-y to begin with. This is just bad form.

(pictures of banana-related objects that one is supposed to look at are generally exempt from these guidelines)


thank you, you expressed my thoughts far better than I did.

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