What was on Reddit's front door the day you joined?

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Does not work on firefox.

You can’t buy Grape Nuts in a shell, either.

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And eeeeevery day since.

Aw, hell, I was supposed to join Reddit? Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things?



Antinous told me, but I think he was trying to get rid of me.


Reddit has a front door?

I’ve mainly used Reddit for reading articles or discussions people have pointed to, or possibly articles that Google has found that match something I’m looking for. It’s possible that joining forces me through a front door, but I’ve got no memory of it.

I use it for tech support and porn.

You might get better results from PornHub…

PornHub requires me to personally search for stuff suitable for my proclivities, whereas Reddit has content curated by hundreds of deviants like me in perfectly suitable bite sized gifs and video loops. It’s like /gif/ but with more sauce.

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