What will Biden's impeachment look like

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It seems likely that the MAGA party will take control of the house, thanks to a combination of voter intimidation and blaming Biden for global inflation.

The polls I’ve seen show that it’s still a toss-up in both chambers. Some lean slightly one way, some another, none really characterising any outcome as “likely”.

If th House and Senate fall to the GOP we all know they’ll try to impeach Biden as one step in their war on liberal democracy. Let’s not work on the assumption it’s a forgone conclusion.


You got some winning lotto numbers to share, Mark?

I’m so damn tired of people who have a way more comfortable place in life acting like they can foresee the future, or that continuing to fight is a “lost cause.”




It will look…

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Easy, just listen to all the things they say about 45’s impeachments.


They don’t need to tie him to Hunter Biden.
If they are in control of the House, they can Impeach him for eating crackers in the Oval Office if they want.
If they are in control of the Senate, they can convict him for eating crackers in the Oval Office if they want.


They seem keen to given VP Harris a promotion for some reason?


Honestly I expect every president from here on in this country to be impeached but not convicted in the midterms. Once that became opened up as a “political football”, it will now be used.


They’ll impeach her too, and then the speaker of the house will be president. Which is why there’s a commentary running about making Donald Trump speaker of the house.



And in this case, it’s NOT EVEN A LOST CAUSE!

As Brian Colker writes (in what i think is an FBook post:

Why I’m optimistic about our chances in the midterms (and I’m not looking at polls):

(1) Let’s get polling out of the way first. The polling industry is broken, and no one knows how to fix it. Americans are simply not cooperating with pollsters, and pollsters aren’t able to glean the data they need to draw meaningful conclusions. Some individual polls will be right on election day - that is as much luck as anything.

(2) Even if you still cling to some form of quantitative witchcraft, this election in particular is simply impossible to model. This is the first election after half our population lost a very significant individual right, the first time that has happened in our country’s history.

(3) The repeal of Roe could very well finally break the post-Obama entrenchment of red vs. blue. Since 2016, our electorate has been incredibly stable despite the collapse of the republican party and their descent into a sewer (which is on fire, and inside an insane asylum).

(4) There are indications (qualitative and quantitative) that the attack on reproductive freedom has drawn in the apolitical and some percent of republicans. As an aside, there is also evidence that the January 6th hearings have also cracked the republican disinformation vault.

(5) If true, this means the 2022 electorate is not the same one that voted in 2016, 2018, or 2020. That means the current polls are going to be wrong.

(6) I have heard and read a great deal of stories about republicans (male and female) considering voting for democrats this election. These stories are from credible sources, and those who have been involved in politics for a while. My read is that this is a bigger contingent than the never-trumpers.

(7) The voter registration and special election data (which is real, not polled) is bearing this out. New democrats have been registering in large numbers, and Democratic candidates are out-performing polls.

  1. Finally, I have my own experience with the Grassroots HQ. We held an event with Adam Schiff last night, and the energy in the room was off the charts. After Rep. Schiff was done speaking, he was mobbed in a way I have never seen. I understand his stature has risen during the Trump crime spree, but it was more than that. The people in the room cared so deeply about democracy, it was positively exuding from them. I thought the base was fired up in 2018 - this exceeds anything I can remember.

We had a villain in 2018 (many of them). In 2022, I feel like we are now fighting for our country, not against a single malignancy. It feels more profound and fundamental in the post-Roe world. I believe this is what will prevail in November.


Who the hell cares if Biden is impeached over some bullshit except for the people who desperately want to believe it anyway. Why wait? Just start writing about his impeachment like it’s happening right now. That way you can get ahead of the social media curve.


Not necessarily. If Harris become president, she gets to nominate her replacement. It isn’t automatically the speaker of the house. Ford picked Rockefeller, and he wasn’t even in Congress at the time.


No, I mean they won’t let Harris become president. She’ll be impeached with Biden.

Tht doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.


Michael Moore is also more optimistic about the Democrat’s chances:


What’s this defeatist nonsense? Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?


Excellent fucking question.


I mean personally, I don’t think they’ll get a super majority in the senate, and I don’t think they’ll win the house, so it’s a strategy that’s going nowhere. Nonetheless, the common scuttlebutt amongst the Trump supporters in my life is that if they get the super majority and the house, they’ll impeach Biden and Harris for election fraud, and then right before the conviction votes to remove, they’ll elect Donald Trump speaker of the House. Their belief is that he’ll be inagurated at the beginning of February.


Which, unfortunately, would require confirmation by a majority in both houses. It’s hard to imagine that a hypothetical Congress that impeaches Biden would also allow Harris to have a VP of her choosing.

We’d better do everything in our power to prevent such a Congress from being elected.