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It’s about time someone took the murder mystery party up a few notches. That’s exactly what I’d love to see at conventions if we can never make them standalone shops in the US. (As the video points out, the escape room craze in the US has probably already peaked. I don’t think we could support these.)

This video fills me with the same sort of disappointment as another video he did years ago on his other channel, Shut Up and Sit Down, about mega games. These are games meant to be played by extremely large groups of players with many interconnected systems handled by the various roles on each team. I did not see an explosion of them following the video. I don’t want jubensha games to be the same way.


Jubensha sounds incredible! And potentially incredibly problematic. I sincerely hope they take off around the world with the safeguards they talk about in the video. Especially seeing as how censorship and script-approval by the government looks like it might end up killing the entire genre in China.

@GospelX I think these have a better chance of catching on just because of the difference in scale. A jubensha village sounds awesome, but so does a boxed experience to play around the table. They will probably have difficulty more difficulty than TTRPGs because you’re buying more of a one-off experience, but they may also have a broader appeal? Hopefully they will gain some traction.


I feel like there’s always a puzzle in an adventure game that you won’t get. But some games inhabit a world all of their own logic…

(This talk feels weirdly ancient to me now - I started putting it together in 2019 then, obviously, it sat in a folder for years.)

Big thanks to Daniel Crocker for filming this at the last second. And my apologies to all humans for the way I kept moving away from the microphone, meaning it took aaaages to fix the audio.

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Just saw the article and thought it might be something you like. It’s not something I’ve tried.

In a way, we’ve been here before, when a company associated with consoles becomes a third-party software developer to the rest. (See: Atari, Hudson (kinda), SNK, Sega.) Where this is going is really different, though. Microsoft is all in on cloud gaming subscriptions and wants its Game Pass everywhere. Xbox takes on a new meaning when it’s technically available everywhere sans console.

They really need to fix their cloud implementation though. I’ve frequently gotten 15 minute or more wait times. It’s honestly gotten that I’ll download the game because I’ll have it downloaded it not much more time than it would take to connect.

I’ve never had a wait time on PS+ streaming, but it I don’t use that as much as the Xbox streaming.

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The service they currently have needs work. I’ve tried Game Pass on my PC a couple of times now. It works for a few days, forces me to update, and then only gives me errors. Customer service is useless save for processing my refund. They definitely can’t make an overnight switch to this direction.


I’ve always wanted to play these games, but never got around to it.


We have entered a new stage of play for Vampire Survivors in my household: my wife enjoys it.

She played it once after we had a full-family fail of a session playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder, then she not only installed VS on her phone but also demanded that I hook the Switch up to the TV upstairs to make playing the game more convenient (and warm).

The designer did a great job implementing multiplayer. It balances being easier in some ways (more attacks on screen, more bodies collecting things) and being more difficult in other ways (must stay on the same screen – even if the other player is dead and reviving, enemies feed off of dead players and become bigger and tougher). Not that I was even close to done thanks to all the content dumped over the last few months, but this has revitalized the game in some ways.

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