Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


It fully deserves them.


Also, Grace and Frankie is back?!?!?

Why didn’t you tell me???


Sorry! It just came on last week!

Can I blame dissertation brain?


You sure can; and again, best of luck!


I had to take a break from Westworld before finishing it myself. Are you up to date on The Expanse? I just finished ep05 from this new season. This season is some of the best sci-fi in a while.


After Battlestar Galactica, I made a rule against keeping current with TV shows. :laughing: I’ll wait until the season is finished. I might pick up the books though (even though it breaks another rule of mine :sweat: ).


I’m with you on those aspirations, but I suggest you devour this season. It’s THAT good.


I thought I saw something about The Expanse (possibly?) getting cancelled?

(I’ve only watched the first series on Amazon, so I have a while before I get to that point anyway)


I’d be surprised.

“In March 2017, Syfy renewed The Expanse for a 13-episode third season to air in 2018.”


I think this must have been what I saw (the headline of, at least)

Syfy recently renewed The Expanse for a third season, but a fourth season seems unlikely if the ratings don’t improve

I’m only not watching it because it’s on SyFy and we’ve cut the cable. If it were on Netflix or Amazon I’d be happily enjoying it.


I wish it would become the new normal that all series go to streaming a season after airing, like many are doing now. For most things I’m perfectly happy to wait. Movie studios got used to this lifecycle in the early days of TV, TV studios should just get over it and accept the new normal. They’d get a lot of people to stream instead of pirate.


Also, I like the On Demand for the few shows I do watch (The Expanse is the main one right now) but I need to keep up on it as they only have 5 episodes on at a time and I almost missed an episode as it has been awhile since I could find time to watch.

Yes, DVR would resolve that but I’m not paying the cable company even more money for theirs and I can’t be bothered to keep my own DVR solution anymore


I started rewatching Westworld with my 18 yo son, who never saw it. Worthwhile, you catch things that are meaningful in retrospect. I found a confusing continuity issue in E3 and can’t find a site discussing or explaining it. When Delores shoots the guy in the barn, she seems to be remembering the MIB, old William. But then she seems to go riding out and stumbles into young William’s camp. Did we switch timelines there, and if so how did she end up stumbling around in the dark in that early timeline? I found an airtime review of the episode that said this disproved the fan theory of multiple timelines, so clearly I’m no the only one who saw it that way.


Aw dang I missed it.


It’s over the the movie thread.


I recently binge-watched season 2 of True Detective.
I enjoyed it, though I know there were many who didn’t. I know a good deal of hate was directed at Vince Vaughn’s character, but I kind of absorbed it as a guy who relied a bit too heavily on his own kooky homilies for his own good.
I was really rooting for each character to make good in some way or another, so it worked well enough for me.


Just started watching the first season of Spartacus, as someone had included it on a hard drive they lent me.

I can’t work out if it’s trying to be a 2000’s version of Hercules / Xena, or very equal opportunity pornography.


It actually has a some pretty good writing and acting mixed in with the porn, Roman politics and stuff, a little GoTish. The next season is a prequel, as the lead actor sadly had a relapse of cancer, and eventually died. I liked that one too, but the 3rd with a new Spartacus I only watched an episode or 2.

Did you watch the series Rome?


Love Rome :grinning:, it was all-round incredible - amazing cast, top writing, design, music, the works…I’d put it as one of HBO’s best.

I’m not minding Spartacus - viewing it as an updated version of the cheap, campy Xena type shows (made after 300, as is blindingly clear from the fight scenes) makes it pretty enjoyable. In fact, the OTT blood & gore really make it closer to a Sam Raimi show than a standard swords & sandals, to my mind. Like Ash vs Evil Dead if Ash was thrown back in time another thousand years.


How far in are you? When I think back on it, I remember the plot more than the gore, and how deliciously evil Lucy Lawless and John Hannah were as the social climber power couple.


About halfway through the first season, maybe a bit less. I agree, they are probably the best part of the show, but then I do like the shows/characters with political intrigues & power struggles. Speaking of, Black Sails finished the other day. Now that was a surprising one - with Michael Bay as producer I didn’t expect it to go past boobs & explosions but it was actually damned good.