Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

FTFY? What the heck was the half season release about?

OK, I see. The final 5 episodes had been classified as season 2 on the (ahem) website I use to skirt regional blocking and watch old shows out of circulation.

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Aaaarrgh, that sounds frustrating.


I’ll be the first to admit some of Star Trek: Enterprise’s FX are kind of schlocky, like TOS’s, but I have to give a big thumbs up to the designers who built the costumes and set of the Expanse’s Council chambers. It’s almost like a Frezetta painting.


Bear cam goes live in 22 minutes!


This has a great cast. Just saw the first episode, and it had an interesting surprise ending. Will watch the rest this week (can’t wait for Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren).

ETA: Just watched episode 4, “Sasha.” :astonished:


Thanks for the heads up; just finished the first 5 eps.

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Is it just me? I cannot get into this. I was looking forward to it, but now I can’t seem to focus on it for an entire episode. Three tries and I am still just on episode 2.

I just binged Sweet Tooth and mostly didn’t enjoy it at all, but I still managed to watch it. I dunno what it is with Eden.

I didn’t even make it all the way through episode 1, it just didn’t click for me. I think that one factor was that the evil robots were just so stereotypically evil in their character design and actions. No subtlety at all. (The main robot even wears a cape for extra dramatic flair) Also the fact that it didn’t show any of the quite serious challenges that a couple of apple-picking bots would have raising a healthy human child when they barely understood the concept of humans needing food for energy.

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I noticed that too. I guess maybe adult/kid entertainment is getting blurred enough now that I am not realizing what things are even when I am watching them.

I am on episode 4…

and I just really wish they didn’t turn everything like this on mainstream TV into Lost or The Walking Dead. If you want to go farther back, all the disaster movies from the 70’s.

It’s the whole thing where you get a bunch of kinda stereotypical people from varied classes and cultures and smoosh them together in a stressed situation to see what happens. The shows are advertised as being about the disaster, or mystery, or apocalypse itself, but really it is about whether Mr and Ms Howell can possible cooperate enough with Mary Ann and Ginger long enough to survive, while everyone giggles at Gilligan.

It has gone beyond overdone to tired and boring now.

And honestly, if I had known Anton Chigurr was a designer at Boston Dynamics, those dancing Spot videos would have been a lot more sinister.

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Home Before Dark, season 2 has begun. An Apple TV exclusive, but season 1 should be available on Amazon Prime.


I gave up on Lupin.

It started out decently, then veered off into bad writing.


Aw, bummer.


The first four eps were really good, and then it just got completely implausible…

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I found this to be much better than I thought it would be…

And the whole time I kept being like “that looks familiar” and turns out it was filmed at White Water… I’m constantly surprised by how often now a days, I think something in a film looks familiar and it turns out it’s because it’s in or around the ATL or north GA.

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Grrrrrr. I was looking forward to picking back up again.


You still should; let me know if it’s just me being too picky once again.



Is anyone else watching Mythic Quest?


Kevin Can Fuck Himself is pretty good so far…