Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

And one “pruny” Loki. /s

Honestly, it’s pretty cool to see Richard E. Grant in the Classic Loki role.


It really was; he was awesome.


I’d go along with that, he seemed to be having a blast. I still think the story is all over the fricking place and they’re not fully committing to Loki’s gender or sexual fluidity like they should. But still, it looks pretty spectacular at times.

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Saw We Summon the Darkness, which is a great twist on the 1980s satanic panic metalhead films… if that’s a genre…

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You liked that one?

I thought it had potential, but as soon as I realized where the plot was going, it got old, fast.

I don’t think I even bothered watching it until the end.

Another movie that I wanted to be better than it was Gunpowder Milkshake.

Such a waste of top shelf talent…


Yeah, the twist was easy to see coming but I still thought it was a good take on the genre and I enjoyed it for what it was… but to be fair, I don’t really hold most horror films to a high standard and still enjoy them. Most are pretty formulaic, but for me, that works.

Really? Not that great?

You seen the Fear Street movies yet?

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That’s very wise.

Speaking of horror:

Yes, I did; and though not perfect, I really enjoyed them all - despite the fact that they’ve gotten a lukewarm response from the critics.

Check 'em out, and I’m sure you’ll immediately recognize why…

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They are what they are, I’d say. No one is going to be able to replicate the truly great horror films, but it’s a fun genre to watch…

We were waiting for the last one to come out, and I think we’ll end up watching all three next weekend. Looking forward to them!

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I totally forgot to respond about Gunpowder Milkshake.

Unfortunately, it was all style and zero substance; which was a real let-down, considering the cast.

Now I’m watching the movie Widows


I just had my mind blown by this incredibly strange film:

Streaming on Mubi now. Reminded me of Brothers Quay in mood/atmosphere and animation style, but this had much more of a story line.


I’ve been watch White Lotus, a Mike White series. Intriguing so far.

He’s great at creating characters who are compelling, even though they have a lot of trouble respecting other people’s borders. Like Laura Dern’s great character in his series Enlightened.


Just got done with the second ep.

I’m intrigued so far.


That newly married husband is SUCH a dick!

I love how the two girls shift into “defiantly bored teen mode” pretty much every time they talk to an adult. The brother is quite the little wimp with his bossy sister.

I did wonder by the end of episode 2 whether we’ll see the preggers trainee again.


I dunno how y’all chose which shows to which to give a chance but when I look on wikipedia and see:

that’s worth at least a look-see.

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S1 was alot of fun. S2 is a bit of a mixed bag.

I managed 16 minutes. Then it was either turn it off, or claw my eyes out and tear my ears off. I opted for the less painful way out.


I’m sorry to hear about your eyes and ears.


Why no more love for this show here? I’m addicted to For all Mankind. Unfortunately I’ve finished it. The show is gorgeous, its colour grading alone is better than the entire art direction on lesser shows. As an alternative history it’s a compelling yarn (the kind of thing I wouldn’t take too seriously, so it’s got the narrative ease of Mandalorian season one) but I enjoyed the drama in it too, in much the way that the family story in The Americans was better than the spy stuff. A really good adventure story in space. What’s not to love? Watch it on your best equipment.


I haven’t tried this yet, but there’s a lot of big names here.