Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Wentworth has just started its fifth season. It’s a remake of Prisoner: Cell Block H, which is on the UTubez, and clocks in at a massive 400+ episodes.


Better Call Saul S03.

Fantastic. :smiley:


Haven’t seen it yet. Really looking forward to it. Also Angie Tribeca is back! (Yes, I’m actually twelve years old.)


Jealous!! I have to wait until it’s on Netflix to see it. We just finished S02!


Ooh yeah i got that ready to go for later. Can’t wait, it’s absolute pure class teevee… as pure as walt’s crystal meth, amiright?

Also on a second rewatch of breaking bad right now, just as saul comes on the scene. It’s curious to watch him in full on saul goodman mode after watching 2 seasons of him trying to go straight. You notice little things like his world’s greatest lawyer mug and telling badger to make the money order out to ice station zebra associates. What happened, saul? :worried:


Currently Watching

Ok, but seriously. Series I’m currently in the middle of watching including: RWBY (Season 4), Golden Time, Angel Beats, NCIS: Los Angeles. Next up in the queue is Person of Interest.


They pull me back in.

Always great to watch mike’s dogged determination when on a job, jonathan banks does sterling work with very little dialogue. The comma/semi-colon indecision is so kim.


Well, Netflix finally caught my VPN, and I can’t seem to find a free one that works.

I pay you for streaming, Netflix, with U.S. dollars on a U.S. account with a U.S. card. Yet if I leave the country, you don’t bring your best self along for the ride, despite continuing to receive my money.
You’re a terrible girlfriend, Netflix, and I’m breaking up with you.


The chicken man returns. :grinning:

You knew it was coming but the slow reveal was fantastic.


I read the best news ever.

Noel Fielding is going to be a host of The Great British Bake Off!


It is so AWESOME to see Mike Ehrmantraut in action again, and of course FRING’S BACK; VG literally spelled it out in the title of each ep in S2.


If this is episode 2 i can’t wait to find out where we’re headed… I see many comments on review sites complaining about the BB fan service and i do sympathise with that but damn is it satisfying. The massively conspicuous reconnaissance by jimmy was incredibly tense as you saw him looming in the background. The tension comes from the hitchcock thing of seeing the bomb under the table while the characters are oblivious.

For me, right now, it’s all about 3 shows in this order:

Better call saul
The expanse
The leftovers


Those folks need to shut it; the entire reason that BCS even exists is because of BrBa “fan service.”


Precisely. Saul was always a firm fan favourite and so here we are. I would say it is its own thing but i’m also glad to spend more time in this world. I think there are also others who expected a much closer connection to BrBa when tuco showed up and departed when they realised that wasn’t going to be the case (judging by ratings anyway).


The Walking Dead is Robert Kirkman doing his version of George Romero.

Outcast is Robert Kirkman doing his version of Stephen King.

Brent Spiner in the Randall Flagg role.


The new season of Doctor Who just started… I am happy.



I know somebody’s going to make something with bananas and I hope so badly this exchange happens:



I love Noel Fielding (especially in The IT Crowd), but I find him a bit unnerving at times. Not because of his style of humor, but because in the looks department he so closely resembles a stepsister I had for a few years.

cue sexual tension with a person who should not be attracted to me


Dude that’s so weird! Was she also into music and a comedian?