Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


To be fair, he only tasted it, didn’t swallow. And the hat has more scenes…


Finished up some of the other mentions on this list.

Luke Cage currently. Rewatching Hannibal on Prime.

Naturally, I am still recording episodes of Svengoolie–one day I’ll put them up on the torrents maybe.


Is it good? I’ve been wondering…


The first two seasons are pretty good, skip 3, maybe 4, after that it starts to get good again.
You basically have to be OK with watching how the writers try to make Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland) life more implausibly miserable each season.


That it does. It also has its friend The Greatcoat - I have a couple of military greatcoats (one is a Russian job from some airborne outfit made of the nastiest, most horsehair-feeling felted material ever, with gorgeous gold hammer & sickle buttons ) that I haven’t been able to wear cos we haven’t actually had a winter in the UK as such. I love big stupid coats.


I watched the 1st incarnation, and it got sillier and sillier. I was referring to the reboot that aired last night.


There´s a reboot?


Some nice person in the 1st thread recommended The Moaning of Life. It’s so nice to see Karl willingly try new things. The stuff that makes him happy are usually my favorite moments.

Required prerequisite: An Idiot Abroad

Also, Karl quotes as motivational posters is amazing.


It’s Desperate Zombies so far and I don’t expect much more. Silly gross-out moments, black humour, hammy acting in the best soap tradition and all the depth of a puddle of custard. Bit too low-brow and cookie-cutter for the crowd here, but I’m enjoying it.


I would never tell anyone to spend money on something subjective.

Black Sails is ace though.


Just finished Doctor Foster.

This is good drama. I hope there’s more where that came from.




Watching the first episode of Unsolved Mysteries on amazon prime.

Oh, the 80s!


That show gave me nightmares as a kid…


The Expanse, Travellers, and The Colony are all on my watch list right now.

Mainly though, I’m running through The Clone Wars on the recommendation of @jlw - my partner hasn’t seen Rogue One yet so we’re doing ep2 -> Clone Wars -> ep3 -> Rebels -> Catalyst -> Rogue One -> ep4. Hopefully Rogue One is available for home viewing when we get to that point.


I just can’t enjoy it. I don’t think I did more than sort of crack a smile once across a few episodes, and this should be right in my wheelhouse.


I’m doing this too. Somewhere in the middle of season 2, which is much better than the first one.

But I much preferred Rebels. Probably because it doesn’t matter what version of prequel Star Wars it is, I can’t stand Anakin.


But Anakin shows up in Rebels


The show really picks up towards season 3 with a continuous set of mini-movies and awesome storylines.


Starting episode 8 of Sneaky Pete on Amazon.

If you like Better Call Saul, Terriers, Ray Donovan or Justified, you’ll probably like this. Not to mention a character-actor cast to die for. I’m personally loving Malcolm-Jamal Warner as a motivational-tape-listening parole officer.