Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


I binged S04 this past weekend. I agree about the repeated themes, and the “hosted consciousness” theme gets a lot of play this season, but I thought it was all pretty great. MetalHead was the most affecting to me. S03 Hated in the Nation (the bees) is still my all-time fav, slightly edging out David Cameron and the Pig.

Bonus for me: I just found out there’s a Christmas special episode that I’ve never seen.


Oh, that is a must-see without a doubt.


SPOILER ALERT: A black person’s review of the final episode of Black Mirror season 4


Very thoughtful piece and having just watched it i worried i was going to read some terrible criticism of it because i missed something awful through my white-privilege eyes. Like he says in the article, it is satisfying to see nish get justice but upsetting that erica garner and so many others did not and those scumbag police still walk free.

The thing is, the p. t. barnum-esque guy (superbly played by the way) is your classic unreliable narrator; his family never abandoned him in prison, he just feeds the punters a load of old shit to embellish the stories and justify his actions.

Timely stories: we need black mirror.


Is anyone else as devastated as I am that Game of Thrones will not return in 2018?


Just finished Godless, it was awesome. But WTF was it about? It was either about boys becoming men, women becoming men, women becoming different women, or men becoming different men. Or all the above. I dunno. But it was a cool old fashioned western with a fantastic performance by Jeff Daniels as the villain. I think the writer/director will be able to write his own ticket from now on.


I’ve been watching Black Lightning, and I mostly quite like it. The notion that a person might do more good by being a really awesome principal at a high school than by being a costumed vigilante is pretty interesting, even though obviously the show necessarily has to go down the costumed vigilante road because the show is what it is

Because it’s a DC show, I’ve been waiting for it to take a hard left turn into stupid town. ep 4 seemed like it was about to head in that direction, but then ep 5 completely ignored that line, so still waiting


I watched the first two eps; and as much as I want to like it, it just didn’t keep my attention.


Jessica Jones Season 2:


I finally got to the end of season two of Jessica Jones.

I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about it yet. Carrie Anne Moss continues to be amazing, for taking a character who I should dislike, and making her extremely sympathetic. Other than that. . .

eesh that got hard to watch by the end. all the broken people who I like who keep hurting themselves and each other - it was like bojack horseman times ten, minus the levity


Yeah, the 2nd season wasn’t nearly as good as the first, unfortunately.


Netflix’s “Love” is really good and in it’s third season. Highly underrated imho



Not sure what I make of it so far.

I’m happy to say I’ve forgotten enough of the book that I have no idea how closely it follows it or otherwise. I’m just thrilled it’s been filmed at all.

Catch a glimpse of the BBC's The City and the City

Just found the Netflix remake of Lost in Space. Danger Will Robinson!


Just saw Avengers Infinity War.


Its been on Netflix for a while.


But… good not amused or bad not amused? I enjoyed most of it immensely but it did hit me right in the feels after we’ve spent 10 years getting to know these characters. The depiction of thanos was a revelation i think but yeah…what a bastard. :angry:


Since you’ve seen it and aren’t concerned about spoilers:

There are spoilers in the link. Don't blame me or the author if you click and find spoilers if you didn't want to be spoiled. You were warned, knew the consequences and clicked anyway.


Agree, or disagree?


Not good. If you’re interested, my main beef with the film is posted here

That’s the thing; he wasn’t nearly enough of one.

Yet again, Marvel served up another milquetoast, two-dimensional villain whose whole motive is being an evil bastard just for the sake of being evil.

Agree; if someone’s been forewarned about spoilers and then they insist upon reading anyway , they’re basically expecting people to ‘walk on eggshells’ just for them.