Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


Ben Wheatley doing a superhero movie?


Yes, please. Won’t one box… sorry.



I knew there was a post i intended to reply to and forgot… i wasn’t so much impressed with his plan to solve some sort of ludicrous malthusian problem that other characters seemingly didn’t even question for the hopelessly outdated theory it is. I did, though, find his portrayal as a CG character and the voice acting really impressive to watch. Unlike you i found him to be far from 2D and not just ruthless but humble and willing to admit to his faults at certain moments.


Oh, well.


Umm… did that come across as passive aggressive? It really wasn’t intended to, just a difference of opinion. :slight_smile:


Don’t mind me:
I’m still pissed A/F that the end of the movie made my kid cry, and all the survivors except for Okoye and Shuri are White and overwhelmingly male. (As a female Blerd, I’m gonna take that shit quite personally.)

I have lots of issues with the way Marvel handled this particular installment, and your difference of opinion isn’t what has me agged.


Ah yeah, i get ya. That puts a new perspective on it after i miss the obvious through my white privilege but then again, there are sequels forthcoming which robs it of any jeopardy. Though trying to explain that to a little one isn’t so easy…


Aside from whom they chose to kill off, that’s also a big part of my beef.

This article does a much better job at explaining some of how I’m feeling than I am capable of right now:


My kid is 13… but she’s as soft-hearted as I am snarky.


Well most but not all… other survivors include M’Baku and War Machine and (maybe) Wong and Valkyrie so a total of 4-6 PoC out of… however many dozen characters they crammed into that movie.

And don’t forget that all the female Avengers from the first movie survived! :wink:


I knew should have specified main characters:

Sorry, but I don’t give a happy fuck about M’baku or most of the other tertiary characters; they killed T’Challa… even though we know BP2 is coming out within the next 1-3 years. They killed the new Spiderman, knowing that’s got another installment coming. Bottom line, it feels like I paid to get fucking gaslighted, and as a fan, I just don’t appreciate that shit.
Nothing anyone can say is going to make me feel any better about how Marvel handled this story-line.


Ugh, that’s true!


I dunno. I felt like they showed us all of the moving pieces on how to undo the carnage at the end. As well as the assurance from Dr. Strange that his was somehow the “winning” scenario–and that Stark (who survived) was key to it.

Someone who is powerful enough to use the glove just needs to get ahold of it and hit Rewind. Thanos is a goner soon, we can confidently say, or at least greatly weakened.

The glove looked pretty wrecked, but we saw another glove in the forge, which might have been its replacement. Anyways, the forge master and forge work again (more or less).

And anyways, in a roundabout way, it’s kinda great that they killed T’Challa like they did. They know he matters to people! And I dunno about you, but there was an audible gasp in my movie theater when he went.


Binge-watched Altered Carbon on netflix. Very different from the books (and unavoidably so due to the medium) but I still enjoyed it.


I liked the Matt Frewer cameo but I think they really missed an opportunity by choosing not to make his character an AI.


Are you sure he’s not? I’m not finished watching (kinda got bored) but I don’t recall seeing him out of his lair or actually touching anyone…


I wasn’t actually sure so I looked it up and the interwebs say his character “wears a synth sleeve that allows him to change his appearance” but I guess there’s no inherent reason an AI couldn’t be wired to a physical body.


Legion (chapter 14) - no, it didn’t advance the plot much at all but… boy, was that a tour de force of an episode.



Even if that happens, the chances are good that Loki and Gamora stay dead, because they were killed during Thanos’ quest for all the stones. I need for other people to stop trying to convince me that my feelings about this aren’t valid; it’s getting real tedious.


For real. You’re not wrong for feeling like you do. It’s not up to others to decide that we all have to agree on what the right way to feel about a film is.


“Better Call Saul” season 3.