Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


I haven’t seen it yet, but now that it’s spawned its own annoying meme I’m even less inclined to watch it. Also it seems to be engineered by netflix to draw the biggest possible audience. It’s like the streaming data poured into movie form, and it feels really cynical somehow.


Memes, plural.

Considering the plethora of grim, dystopian post-apocalypse movies that we’ve been inundated with over the last few years, it was better than I expected.


The dystopian and / or post apocalyptic genre is being overdone by netflix, or perhaps media in general. I’m getting a bit tired of it to be honest, even though there are great examples of it and I love them.

Oh crap.


It’s definitely the latter, and to me it seems like an active attempt to program people into just accepting a bad reality as “inevitable and hopeless”; personally I can’t truck with that kind of passive defeatism, so I avoid most of it like the plague. I was very surprised that I didn’t hate Bird Box, which I only watched at the behest of my kid.

Yeah… 2019 may be the year of the year of the blindfold, and people doing dumb shit while blindfolded just to see if they can.


I just don’t know whether to be amused or annoyed that whole swaths of perfectly comprehensible dialogue were subtitled “inaudible” or “mumbles”, but they had time to very specifically label all of the musical cues. Also that’s really not how you use “amuck” - the scene in question had the character opening a letter from his wife saying she’d left him and was kind of somber.


It is in my neck of the woods.

Something’s amuck means something is wrong. More usually transliterated as “Summat’s amuck”.

As in “Eee, Norman, look! Foggy’s got a face like e’s just found out 't whippet pup he dropped down his kecks were a ferret! Summat’s amuck…”



This was a fucked up, but well done film:

I highly recommend it, just keep in mind that it deals with the genocide in Srebrenica.


I’m happy that the good place is back, but depressed that there’s only two episodes left until next fall. This is one of the few shows I wished they made more episodes of, brevity is good but there are exceptions.


I finally got a chance to go see Into the Spider-Verse this weekend, and it was so good I would have bought tickets to the very next showing if I could have afforded to do so.

Going in, so many of the people I follow and respect on social media have been singing the praises of this movie so loudly and so unanimously that I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but it was actually even better than I expected. It’s a gorgeous spectacle of a film with a huge amount of heart. They really leaned into the comic book aesthetic in a way that actually works (unlike, say, The Hulk), and even fits in as part of the meta narrative, with each universe’s Spiderman having their own unique visual style. It really captures the lighthearted, playful quippiness that Spiderman is known for, and it’s equal parts hilarious and emotional. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. Tom Holland is a precious cinnamon roll as Peter Parker, but I want more Miles Morales.

(On a side note: I don’t know if they filmed any more Stan Lee cameos for the MCU before he died, but if the one he has in this movie is his last, it’s a perfect send-off.)



Season 1.
Not exactly a cinematic highlight, but I know a lot of the locations quite well, so it’s fun to watch.


Seriously, I’m not even really a Spider-Man fan, and that was an amazing movie. I think it should have had a Best Picture nom.

And on that subject, I’m a huge fan of Queen, and I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody but I reaaalllllyyyyy do not think that’s Oscar material. It was visual popcorn.


Almost done with them all. The library had the complete Brisco County Jr on the stacks and I never got to see all of them way back when.
It is quite fun if a bit eyerolling at the pop culture references but it does a good job of making a movie serial/oater western with a touch of The Wild Wild West for the modern audience.
Both Bruce Campbell and Julius Carry are wonderful in their roles and make it look good without being hammy.
The actors they got for the bad guys are also quite good at what they do with their characters.


Just found this thread,.and it seems rather
quiet …
Is that due to the fact no one who posts
here watches much TV
(“the opiate of the masses”),
or actually does overdose on
Funny Cat Videos
(but will never admit it!)?
For me, the movie
Reservoir Dogs is a favorite of mine
I just subscribed to BritBox (as opposed to
Acorn) in order to watch a daily
Soap Opera called “Coronation Street”.
What a HOOT!!
I adore British TV, including the detective/true crime genres and daytime serials .
Recommendations requested!


Oh dear, all is lost…

Do they have it from the start?


Oh my gosh
I’m starting with the "oldest’ season
available, which is last year’s
Season 59.
This show has been airing for
I think 50-60 years!
But it’s not too hard to figure out
Who’s-who, etc
A bit of fun to watch
and listen too!


Yes, Corrie’s been on since 1960. That would be a bit much even for hardened binge-watchers.


I tried Altered Carbon and agree with a lot of what you say- the world building is good and the ideas are interesting, even if the series skimps a bit on their exploration in favor of nice-looking people and gratuitous nudity. It didn’t grab me though. There’s a scene in the book where Kovacs is sleeved into a virtual body and tortured. I’m not particularly squeamish, but that scene has bothered me for the last ten years. Wondering if it was included in the show kind of damped my enthusiasm.


Looking at what’s on Britbox, you’ve got Midsomer Murders which should keep you going for a while (and give you a perfect insight into what Brexit supporters would like Britain to look like).

If you haven’t already seen it Pride and Prejudice is a must.

Ditto Inspector Morse.

I liked Shetland a lot.

Blackadder and Red Dwarf and Fawlty Towers should go without saying.

I suppose Last of the Summer Wine should get a recommendation based entirely on its incredible longevity.

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister and Spitting Image should fill in any gaps in UK political background although I suppose a lot of Spitting Image may make no sense at all nowadays.

Yes, Minister/Prime Minister remains as perfect an explanation of UK politics as ever.


Thanks to PBS, I’ve had the pleasure
of visiting Midsomer
and meeting Inspector Morse.

Which is probably where I
developed my appreciation for
Edit: fixed typo