Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


I haven’t seen it yet, but now that it’s spawned its own annoying meme I’m even less inclined to watch it. Also it seems to be engineered by netflix to draw the biggest possible audience. It’s like the streaming data poured into movie form, and it feels really cynical somehow.


Memes, plural.

Considering the plethora of grim, dystopian post-apocalypse movies that we’ve been inundated with over the last few years, it was better than I expected.


The dystopian and / or post apocalyptic genre is being overdone by netflix, or perhaps media in general. I’m getting a bit tired of it to be honest, even though there are great examples of it and I love them.

Oh crap.


It’s definitely the latter, and to me it seems like an active attempt to program people into just accepting a bad reality as “inevitable and hopeless”; personally I can’t truck with that kind of passive defeatism, so I avoid most of it like the plague. I was very surprised that I didn’t hate Bird Box, which I only watched at the behest of my kid.

Yeah… 2019 may be the year of the year of the blindfold, and people doing dumb shit while blindfolded just to see if they can.


I just don’t know whether to be amused or annoyed that whole swaths of perfectly comprehensible dialogue were subtitled “inaudible” or “mumbles”, but they had time to very specifically label all of the musical cues. Also that’s really not how you use “amuck” - the scene in question had the character opening a letter from his wife saying she’d left him and was kind of somber.


It is in my neck of the woods.

Something’s amuck means something is wrong. More usually transliterated as “Summat’s amuck”.

As in “Eee, Norman, look! Foggy’s got a face like e’s just found out 't whippet pup he dropped down his kecks were a ferret! Summat’s amuck…”



This was a fucked up, but well done film:

I highly recommend it, just keep in mind that it deals with the genocide in Srebrenica.


I’m happy that the good place is back, but depressed that there’s only two episodes left until next fall. This is one of the few shows I wished they made more episodes of, brevity is good but there are exceptions.