Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two


That scene is included, but I don’t remember details. I remember getting the impression it was gruesome, but it didn’t really affect me in the sense of being disturbed. Maybe they did a lot with implication? I do consider myself squeamish when it comes to gore, but I also notice that sometimes I can be really blase about things that really disturb other people that aren’t necessarily visual.


Heck. I don’t think I ever managed to catch all of Brisco County Jr either. I should do that… it was such a great show. John Bly is near the top of my “underrated/forgotten villains” list, and T H E  O R B was such a cool MacGuffin.


Spoiler They do wrap that up before the end of the series but they move on to be government agents reporting to the president after that so the sci-fi/fantasy hijinks do continue


As long as this thread has been revived, I can recommend a limited series I just finished watching on Netflix: Russian Doll.


Loved it. Really liked Greta Lee as Maxine, too.

ETA: I have to add, having never watched Chicago PD/Fire, if I was into guys, Charlie Barnett is sumpin’ else…



Make sure to send the link
to Dim-Don!
He has a great appreciation
(so I’ve read)
for Russian Dolls…


He wouldn’t like this tv show because

  1. It’s damn good.
  2. They don’t mention him once.


It also requires paying attention and having some intelligence.


Letterkenny. So much Letterkenny.

I’m sorry if it was posted previously. I tried to do a search in the topic and didn’t see it.

Even then, I’m not that sorry. Such a happy mutant show. LETTERKENNY


Trigger warning is great… Killer Mike has so far tried to live only in the black economy, got the local chapters of the crips and bloods to start cola business, started a new religion, the church of sleep, and put together a band with musicians from diverse backgrounds, including a white supremacist… I like how his mind thinks!


My husband doesn’t understand why no one else is talking about this. It’s incredibly well-written and acted.


It’s on our list… How long are the episodes, half hour or hour long?


Watch it next.


But how long are the episodes? That will indicated where it fits into my viewing schedule…


8 episodes, half hour each…


Cool! That’s next after Trigger Warning, then!


My mom in Wichita is hearing a lot of buzz, but her issue is she doesn’t have Netflix. I offered her use of my free trial and password, but she doesn’t want to risk forgetting to cancel in time.


About 24-25 minutes each.


Sorry, I’m blaming my lack of response on the Snowpocalypse because … idk, everything else is getting blamed on it.

I’m drinking lots of tea and cocoa and binging Cadfael. It’s a very 90’s take on medieval fashion, and also has Jonny Leee Miller of Elementary in one episode.


For you @manybellsdown and the others in the PNW who are snowbound…
I give you a bit of W. C. Fields.