What's Denny Hiding?

UPDATE 5/29: The scandal has been revealed as sexual abuse of a minor. May this horrible man face justice for his crimes and may his victim(s) find the peace they deserve.

Breaking news: Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was just indicted on charges of lying to Federal officials over $3.5 million he paid to an undisclosed party as hush money to cover up “past misconduct.”

While the juicy details are almost certain to come out soon, I thought this might be a fun time to lay down (figurative) money on What’s Denny Hiding?

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Republican
  • Former coach
  • House speaker from 1999-2007
  • Anti-abortion
  • Pro-gun
  • Generally anti-regulation
  • Supported Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage
  • A 2005 Vanity Fair article alleges Turkish spies boasted of covert relations with Hastert, supposedly paying him for sensitive information and cooperation
  • Suspiciously withdrew his support for the Armenian Genocide resolution in 2000, allegedly after getting a $500,000 payout from the Turkish consulate
  • Nabbed a highly-paid lobbying gig within six months of resigning from Congress

Anyone want to lay down their bets? The usual suspects would be:

Sex scandal

  • Gay sex scandal
  • Fathered Illegitimate child
  • Paedophile (abused kids during his time as coach)
  • Hookers, hookers, hookers

Corruption scandal

  • Took bribes from corporate interests
  • Took bribes from foreign powers
  • Took bribes from everybody

Criminal scandal

  • Paid to cover up a juvenile criminal record
  • Drug addiction
  • Domestic abuse
  • Killed somebody

Other ideas?

Note: I’d put this in the form of a survey but I’m not sure how to make one.


I tend to not agree with this sort of conduct, but I really wish that those who did such things had some pride and strength of their convictions. The furtiveness and wishy-washy apologies are just dreadful.

It’s a little early to talk about “convictions”—they haven’t even set a trial date yet.

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all of the above?


I know this probably wasn’t your intent, but your category organization seems to imply that molesting kids that one was coaching would not be considered a “True Crime,” and is in a different category from Sexual violence / rape.

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You’re right, that’s infelicitous. I noticed that last night, then I found out you can only edit polls in the first 5 mins. :grimacing:

I tried to scrap the post, but it doesn’t seem to be deleting. I’ll ask a mod to correct.


Edit: Note: mod informed me they can’t change polls, despite the error message.

Add: the news broke, polls closed.

Ed2: I guess Jeff got it to delete after all.

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I thought we’d already had a thread on this…from a year ago. Sounds like his case is coming to a close.

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