Leading Republicans send letters in support of Dennis Hastert, pedophile

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So when can we accurately describe compassionate Christian conservatives as compassionate, Christian or conservative?


An endorsement from Tom DeLay goes a long way… in hell.
I expect that Hastert believes in such a place and is relieved to know that he will have a position of some authority. Like… wrestling coach, maybe?


What Hastert has done is horrible. :frowning:

Makes me sad though Cory that you’ve conflated pedophile and child abuser. Those who have be cursed with an attraction to minors have no say in the matter and are not inherently those who do these despicable acts.


So Dennis Hastert can do sick shit like that and get character references and endorsements by top Republicans, but a transgender person can’t even get permission to use the bathroom they’ll be most comfortable using without being accused by Republicans of being inclined to do what Hastert actually did.

The cognitive dissonance is strong with the GOP.


“He’s a man of good Christian character, and you can take it from me, Tom DeLay…”


It’s like the Holy Roman Empire at this point.


Yes, I posted that again, due to popular demand.


You can tell DeLay wrote that statement himself, because he comes off as minimally literate. Even allowing that “almost30” and “side by side him” are fatfingered typos, the whole thing reads like it was written by a six year old, or maybe a beginning ESL student.


“We all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few”

Maybe so, but they’re really, really fucking big flaws.
It’s “funny” how the conservative support of someone who’s a sex offender all end up the same - talking about what a great guy he is, how he’s a good, flawless person who never did anything wrong*. I’m always baffled how a group that seems so concerned about “sexual morality” seems to have no problems with one of their own committing the most immoral of acts. It wouldn’t surprise me if they hold his victims in more contempt than they do him.

*Except that one, tiny, insignificant thing, but bygones, right?


At least, unlike Jimmy Savile, they’ve caught him before he’s dead.


I seem to recall that many of these same people argued against confirmation of judicial nominees on the grounds that as public defenders they had represented accused sex offenders – something that the Constitution guarantees to all criminal defendants. And now they’re going to bat for a convicted child rapist?

They must be in some very, very safe seats and secure in the knowledge that nobody is going to primary them with the same kind of accusations that these people routinely use against members of the other Party.


As always, it is OK to commit various crimes if you are a Republican.


The Chicago Tribune Editorial made no bones about what Haster’s penalty should be:

Durkin also made it clear that Hastert could be penalized for lying to the FBI about why he’d withdrawn all that money. Hastert said he was being extorted by a former student who had falsely accused him of sexual abuse, but agents concluded that it was Hastert who was lying. “That’s not conduct that’s 40 years old,” Durkin told the attorneys. “That’s conduct that’s a year old. Among the aggravating factors in this case, that’s a big one.”

The truth is that the aggravating factors in the case far outweigh the seriousness of the actual crime. That crime calls for a maximum sentence of five paltry years. Hastert ought to serve every minute of it.


Not just various crimes. It’s okay to commit heinous sexual acts lacking in consent or cheat on your wife while denouncing gays for ruining marriage or cheat on your dying wife with your mistress while having family values on your political platform, as long as you just say you “stumbled” or some shit like that.


Does this officially bury the “party of family values” line?


“Love the sinner*, hate the sin**?”

(*Unless the sinner is in the opposing party, in which case you burn that motherfucker at the stake.)
(**Better yet, cover up the sin entirely.)


When I said he was a good, God fearing man, I meant other than the rape stuff.


No, that happened a good long while ago. Just Google republicans cut funding for children, and you can take your pick from dozens of examples of their “family values”.


Ha. Was thinking that too. ‘Honey, can you come over here and help me with the emails on the FaceBook’. But yeah, disgusting. Not really surprising anymore, but disgusting nonetheless. GOPer’s gonna GOP.