Christian co-author of Mike Huckabee books accused of child molestation. Twice

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Well, that’s pretty terrible, isn’t it? I’m never sure what to say when these things come out. Glee is inappropriate when talking about child molestation. I’d sooner there be no hypocrites and no victims than have a chance to see reprehensible people get egg on their face.


And here I thought Huckabee’s remarks about wishing he were transgender were awful.

Character does indeed make a difference.

Perhaps, though, Huckabee and Moore will excuse themselves by saying they had no idea about Perry’s past. And this may even be true. What will really be telling, though, is whether their response is to attack those who’ve brought this to light.


These guys are just wrapped too tight. There’s no joy in their religion and they express their frustration in incredibly awful ways.


Pedophiles & Rapists [Hastert, Duggar, & this moron] find a natural home in conservative ideology and in today’s Kock~Bros funded TeaB@gger~GOP. I haven’t met a single hardcore conservative capable of feeling compassion for any other living being, human or otherwise.

Too bad there’s a political party that welcomes them with open arms.


^^^This. Abusers and predators absolutely thrive in authoritarian power structures. It’s one of the many, many reasons such things are dangerous.



OK So this headline would really count as news, "Conservative Christian Politian Found To Be Absolutely Innocent Of Ever Harming A Child!" All the rest of this yammering about right wingers using kids for sex is kind of like Hot Day In July headlines


More work for Chad Gallagher!
Is it normal for a presidential aspirant to have a full-time child-molester-defender on his payroll?


That was Gallagher’s strategy last week, so why not again?


Agreed - it’s kind of confusing trying to figure out the exact timeline of when the allegations against Perry came out, so it’s hard to say if it’s likely that Huckabee and Moore would have been likely to know or not.

Ugh, they updated Buzzfeed story with Perry’s response:

[quote]Thank you for getting in touch. I haven’t read the article but have heard about it.
I don’t have anything to say for the record, but will tell you that the person behind it has been pursuing a vendetta against his former church for years and this story is one of the means he has used. Having failed there, he has evidently turned his attention elsewhere.
I will also tell you that whatever private difficulties there may have been, the parties involved were reconciled and restored years ago, for which I thank God every day.[/quote]




I’m just going to let that stand in the cold light of day.

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Actually, there is a way in which those two articles about one liberal relate to this story…

When a prominent liberal like this is discovered to have done something wrong, they’re arrested and put on trial. They don’t “get counseling” from their church, and say they’re all better now because God. And they’re considered pariahs and no longer courted as being excellent examples of their political platform.


I know of a British anarchist who threatened to castrate Hakim Bey if he set foot in the country.

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