What's going on inside a dishwasher as it runs through its cycle? Now you can see for yourself

Nope. It got away clean.


Great, Now I’ve spent the better part of an hour watching dishwasher videos.


Good clean fun for the whole family!


And that they use less water than even the most miserly hand washer. I didn’t know for years that all that sound of water I heard in the dish washer is the water being recirculated over and over again by a pump and not fresh water being wasted.


Ugh. Sometimes I hate English, and how we just accept that enough people make a mistake, it’s a valid use now.

Flatware is the right word to use. This is the right word to use to refer to a fork, a knife, and a spoon in a place setting environment. The plates, glasses, and bowls are hollowware.

Silverware is stuff that is made out of Silver. It is supposed to only be things that are actually made out of silver. I would guess that the vast majority of people do not eat with silverware on a regular basis, and a fair number of people have never used silverware in their lives. (It would also be gauche to demean someone who referred to silver plated flatware or hollowware as the silverware… or even flatware made out of steel or other alloys; and I mean no such offense; I offer this as illustration.)

Cutlery is specifically knives; things you cut with. You do not cut with a spoon or with a fork.

Unfortunately, enough people don’t know what these words mean and use them interchangeably to the point where even the dictionaries have given up; leaving old, crusty curmudgeons like me to complain about using the wrong word instead of the right word.

Cutlery | Definition of Cutlery by Merriam-Webster

Flatware | Definition of Flatware by Merriam-Webster

Silverware | Definition of Silverware by Merriam-Webster


“The case opened up and it’s all full of water…”

He didn’t realize: in the heat cycle, all that room-temperature air in the protective shell is going to expand, and eventually the pressure differential is going to blow it open.

How to prevent this though? Maybe he should heat the shell in toaster oven to 175º or so, quickly pop in the GoPro and seal it? Put it in a vacuum chamber and pump out a portion of the air and seal it while in the chamber? Insert some sort of cooling element to keep the shell’s air cold?

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I am likewise willing to tolerate your charming colonial dialect terms.

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re: flatware
the dishes I use on my table to serve and eat food are also relatively flat. So… flatware?

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