What's it like to be a small bird?

Brandon Keim has an amazing feature up at Aeon Magazine, about the idea of animal consciousness — i.e., how animals think and feel and experience their own lives. After delving into the chimpanzee experience of death for a couple weeks, this story really grabbed my attention. Increasingly, it’s an idea that scientists are paying more… READ THE REST

As one who has small birds, I know these little fellows have big personalities.

this was really great, i’m glad you posted this. the bit about the red knot buffered something I saw on PBS once. i’ve been trying to find the episode for the last ten minutes, but no luck. anyway, it was a mynah bird that lived with some dogs. the bird knew that when the dogs heard a certain noise outside, they went nuts and ran out the doggie door, barking their heads off. so the mynah would imitate the noise as a prank and successfully set them off. but get this: the mynah would laugh at them. i was skeptical when the owners said that, but they filmed the whole bit and I’ll be damned if that bird wasn’t laughing at those dogs.


I guess that this would be a bad place to post a recipe for cailles en sarcophage.

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