What's it like to be mixed race in China?

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Again the answer is;

Much harder than it should be.


Wow, Chinese people say a lot of stuff out loud that white people would only say in private

(Apart from rating various categories of mixed-race babies, which is apparently considered a totally normal thing to do)


Cheng is one of many Chinese influencers overseas who made a fortune, promoting a sense of economic, cultural, and political superiority among Chinese fans by exploiting racist ideology, experts told Rest of World. In dozens of videos filmed and uploaded by these influencers, Black people, including children, are shown to embrace Chinese language and culture. Black women are degraded as sexual objects, participating in beauty pageant shows and calling Chinese vloggers laogong , or “hubby.” The influencers portray themselves as wealthy saviors who provide locals with money, jobs, clothes, health care, housing, and food.

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Kind of off-topic

Does anyone remember the name of the comedy movie that had a Chinese couple with a deep southern U.S. accent do a cameo?

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