What's new in birth control for dudes


Oh, sure, but when are men going to get a “Morning After” pill?


I’ve been following RISUG for a decade.

Unsurprising that it hasn’t gotten anywhere in North America, the business case is awful for big pharma: replace hundreds of dollars of yearly income from hormonal birth control with a reversible 10-year+ injection.

I’d sign up in an instant for a trial to have an alternative to condoms to be in direct control of my procreation.


Asprin or hair of the dog - or do you mean more than the psychological trauma?

But how would you get anybody to believe you, given the way a whole lot of men behave?


The male pill has always been a bit like fusion power. Always about ten years away.


This. While I wouldn’t mind using it as a second reassurance, I wouldn’t use it as my main form of birth control unless I was in a serious relationship with a man I seriously trusted.


There is a project to gain approval for something very much like RISUG in the USA (the polymer gel formulation is a bit different, IIRC, to meet FDA requirements). It’s called Vasalgel. Whereas RISUG is in Phase III clinical trials, Vasalgel is still in animal trials.

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Depends who you mean by “anybody” - Fundamentally, it would be no different than a vasectomy. How do you get “anybody” to believe you have had a vasectomy now? You don’t - if you’re forgoing barrier methods, you’ve already committed to a significant amount of trust, even if you believe conception is no longer possible.


Or, you know, condoms.

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The result: A mouse with a dry ejaculation but which is still "pelvis thrusting with appropriate vigor and frequency".

A feature, not a bug. Unless there’s someone who likes sleeping in the wet spot.


Condoms aren’t perfect, Many women use condoms ALONG WITH hormonal birth control for a very good reason.

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We’re taking “birth control.” Doh.

Don’t the males get an equal chance to make the decision about their own bodies…the next morning…even it wasn’t planned?

I can’t speak for other men, but when I was single I almost never went without barriers until I’d been involved with someone for a few months and we had both been tested for STDs. Partially it was fear of STDs, but it was mostly rooted in a fear of causing pregnancy - once there is a pregnancy it is no longer up to me to decide how or if things progress. What happens in a woman’s body is her business unless she chooses to include me, which is not certain and must be conditional (on my not being an asshole, for example). My only point of agency in that process was in choosing to use a condom, and I did so very rigorously.

I’ve had a vasectomy and would follow the same rules now, were I single. If there had been a RISUG option around when I was done making babies I’d have used it (it is always nice to be able to change your mind later). Whether someone believes me or not is less important than the fact it provides me with some control over the outcome.


Cyanoacrylate; cheap AND effective!


Yeah… if you’re copulating with with men you don’t seriously trust sans condoms outside of a serious relationship then I strongly encourage some serious risk assessment outside pregnancy.

There’s a lot of nasty STIs out there, some developing resistance to treatments, and they’re spreading fast in groups that incorrectly believe it only happens to other people/orientations/cultures (e.g. straight/young women/asians).


Nope! That’s exactly why it’s so freaky to any reasonable intelligent male (we’re in short supply).

Our only options are to abstain or use condoms, after that we’re on the way to undesired fatherhood and child support payments.

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Just dip it in a bit of acetone once finished… (If you want a big finale, light it up after the dip)


Young anything, not just young women. I had to have “the talk” with my father a number of times back when he was in his 60s and 70s and taking full advantage of the little blue pill.

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Condoms used with spermicide are 97% effective - not perfect, but pretty damn good.

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