What's new in birth control for dudes

So you’re never heard of mutual masturbation or oral sex? Gay people have been having very satisfying sex lives for eons without penis-in-vagina sex. Also, most women can’t orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, so if your concern is your lady’s pleasure, I’m not sure penis-in-vagina intercourse is much of a loss.

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Well, of course, that’s what I said, wasn’t it?

With PERFECT USE. Humans aren’t very perfect.

Also, please don’t use spermicide. It’s very irritating which comes with its own risks including an increased chance of getting certain STDs. Also, please note that condoms don’t protect fully against all STD’s, like the herpes virus, because condoms don’t always cover everything.


Homosexuality for the Win!

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Doesn’t Silodosin already do that?

Kobayashi et al. (2009) “Orgasm is preserved regardless of ejaculatory dysfunction with selective α1A-blocker administration” Int J Impot Res. 21 (5): 306.

Or, you know, look it up on the Wikipedia.

Part of me laughs at this, but part of me thinks it’s not much of a win when we had to lose almost an entire generation learning that it wasn’t just about birth control. I would advise straight men to learn the lesson from our tragedy, but they won’t.


As man I welcome this. The main appeal to me is that it would give me a chance to express some solidarity. The pill has side-effects for many women and by using a male pill I could take my share of that burden. We could take turns and go on the pill 6 months each perhaps? With a few weeks overlap at each end of our ‘turn’.


Also, please don’t use spermicide. It’s very irritating which comes with its own risks including an increased chance of getting certain STDs.

Also, some ladies are horribly allergic to it and the result of discovering that will totally kill the mood. Or so I’ve heard.


It’s REALLY irritating for me, even though I don’t think I’m allergic. But holy crap, that’s a sensitive area and spermicide is literally abrasive!!


Somewhere, there is.


If there had been a male pill or any reliable male contraceptive out there I would have used it, without question. I DID NOT want children until I was ready. The female pill is a great leap forward, but it is not without its side effects, and it is also not within my agency to take or not take. I hated feeling like a nag - reminding my partner to take her pill - and she hated me reminding her (especially when she realized I was right and she had missed one).

I can’t speak for other men, but I would have loved to have access to something that was reliable and safe - at least as much as the female pill. Taking it would have been within my ability to control without having to be a prick to other people (or feel like I was being a prick anyway).


Actually, I was surprised by the definition of ‘perfect use’ when I looked it up during this discussion.

It’s actually not that hard to do. Use a condom every time and follow directions is all it takes, apparently, to get you near 98%…

Some of the most frequent mistakes include putting a condom on partway through intercourse or taking it off before intercourse is over, failing to leave space at the tip of the condom for semen, and failing to look for damage before use. These errors can contribute to breakage or leakage, researchers reported in the journal Sexual Health.

“We chronically underestimate how complicated condom use can be,” University of Kentucky professor Richard Crosby, who co-authored the study, said in a statement. “It involves the use of a condom, while negotiating the condom use and sex with a partner all at the same time.”

I shouldn’t laugh at the stupid people right?

If someone can’t handle the mechanics of using a condom, or the embarrassment of talking about it with their partner(s), they can’t handle sex.


Let alone children.


Most people aren’t even aware that you need to leave a space. I’ve also, personally, had condoms break for no apparent reason. Vigorous sex can cause issues. Heh. Not all condoms fit the same or well. Your stupid people comment is, well, stupiid.

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In retrospect, I regret not having had myself “fixed” when I was younger. I knew I wasn’t especially interested in kids, but I sorta wanted to retain the option in case I wound up with someone who did consider that important. As it happens, that’s never been an issue… and I’m approaching an age where it’s unlikely it’ll ever become an issue.

If the surgery had been just a bit more reversable… or if I had a slightly stronger libido… or if I’d ever done the sleeping-around routine…

Of course it’s still an option. But I’m also approaching an age where future partners are likely to be post-menopausal, so it’s entirely too easy to let that resolve it.

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