What's new in tabletop gaming (June edition)

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Way back in the late 70s early 80s when I was still a young lad they used to make battle sets with actual bendy plastic HO scale men and tanks and a map sheet. The rules were shite but it made for more than our moneys worth of fun for me and my brother.

EDIT the googles say they may have been Atlantic kits which to my best recall were the same molds for the soldiers.


For adding rust to miniatures, I while the area is still tacky, I blow very fine grade iron oxide powder off of a small piece of card stock with a plastic pipette or something of that nature. Once everything dries, I usually seal it with the appropriate clear coat.

So I guess my technique is just literally adding rust, but I think it looks pretty good.


One new addition is a monster called the Oblex, a Mindflayer creation that is sort of a cross between a Mindflayer and dungeon slime. It absorbs people (Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style) and steals their thoughts and memories.

@garethb2 I suspect that the Oblex Spawn is a slight reskinning/renaming of the Obliviax from the 1st edition Monster Manual 2. The ecology and abilities are more or less the same, but the fluffing is better. :slight_smile:

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of the first edition monsters from the first ed Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, and Monster Manual 2 that have made it into 5th ed’s official publications (and where in 5th ed they’re published). Of the 806(-ish) 1st ed monsters in these publications just under half have made the transition.

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British Submarine Spitfire Mk.IIs

It’s Supermarine.

Also, it’s Messerschmitt Bf-109- Me-109 was used at the time by both sides but isn’t technically correct, Iron Maiden lyrics notwithstanding. “Me-Bf-109” is just wrong,


Love these posts, lets me live vicariously!

Saw this at a local gaming shop as well as the accessories/units. Looks neat but its hard enough for me to find other players for anything without at least an hours train ride

Love the cover art!

Obviously intended as a gateway drug to miniatures wargaming.

Thus wakes my rampant pedantry to point out that if it was Airfix, it would probably have been OO rather than HO, but they are close enough to play well together, especially for figures.


I tried to warn you guys.

Goatees are evil.


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