What's the weirdest thing you can find on AliBaba?


Barrel O Slime.



That’s not a bad price - and it’s autographed!


…but by who!?


Dried squid… By the ton.


Only three grand a ton.

Dried fermented squid and corn


Regenerating Snail Secretion and Essence


Googles for wearing when cutting onions.


A bargain at 80c each. Except you need to buy 1200 of them. Probably worth it since they seem to go for $20 a piece on Amazon.


This would be a great buy for someone who’s on the road to super-villaindom.


Holy shit, they also have spiders.

When the oil runs out, what do we do with all the tankers?
:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

Oh for the love of FSM. Do not tell any college fraternities with a penchant for pranks about that.


Sorry, I can’t hear you over how badly I’m squicking out.


Cattle for sale. The pic totally makes it.






Curiously, the scorpions are… dried???


selling live scorpions, the kind found in nature. Be packed carefully

Scorpions dry cleaned and dried using the manual method, not the use of chemical preservatives
Dried scorpions to type, live weight when 60 to 100 units / kg
Scorpions in length from 11 to 14 cm
Dried scorpions Price: 5 - 29 USD

aaaaaand they are sold by http://GoNaFood.com

Their webmaster totally sucks:

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You mean I don’t have to go to Amazon to get my barrel of lube anymore?


##Ox Gallstone,cow Gallstone,Niu-Huang,




We are the buyer and seller of Ox Gallstone in the whole Africa
please contact us for more information


Anyone want 5 tons of Octopus?


#my gogogogogog


From one of my favorite suppliers.


Or your whiteners.


Comcast branded Kidney Shaped Stress Ball



Available in Min.Order Quantity: 1 Twenty-Foot Container


Herbal laxative, minimum order is 200,000 boxes.


Golly, there are sure some great gift ideas on this site.