What's this thing?


Low priority question:

What does this line here represent?

Is it some arbitrary time-cutoff thing, as in “posts below this line are more than six hours old”? Is it something specific to the thread next to it? Anyone know what it represents?



I was wondering that, too. I figured that below the line = stuff that hasn’t changed since my last visit.


Discussed in August…


The threads above the line are currently in the promotion/finals spots. It’ll all make sense by the end of the season.


I would not mess with that thing…


It has words now. Does it not have words for you?


Those tiny little red letters are a bit… I dunno, sad? Guilty?
Like "You never read, you never post, and see, look what all the nice kids have doing since you last saw me. "

OK, might be just me, then.


Yep, I see it now. Thanks!


Did anybody already noticed we have a nice ‘back’ button on the slider right? I think its nice, very handy when scrolling to find something and be back where you where.