Whatsapp abused the DMCA to censor related projects from Github


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“Unfortunately, there are no real penalties for this sort of abuse.”

There are, in fact, penalties for abusing the DMCA. The problem is that most people/businesses targeted by DMCA abuse don’t have the legal resources to fight them. This is one of the major problems with the DMCA— that the deck is clearly stacked against the party with the fewest resources to wage a legal war.

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Its a good thing that it is so easy to host mercurial and git repositories. Github is more attractive to trolls than my home server.

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While there are penalties on paper for fraudulent DMCA take-down requests, the standard of evidence required makes them ineffective. They’re only there to protect the big media cartels that wrote the DMCA. It’s pretty much written to be abused.

Really? What are those penalties, and how are they calculated? Are you aware of any cases where penalties have been imposed?

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So a bigger scumbag bought out a smaller scumbag in order to harvest phone numbers from smaller scumbag’s users’ phones and everyone’s unwitting contacts on said phones. Yep.

And, it gets worse:

Crypto weaknesses in WhatsApp “the kind of stuff the NSA would love”

Poor implementation of SSL encryption could be a boon to eavesdroppers.

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Google “penalties for abusing DMCA”. Even the Wikipedia article has a few cases where penalties have been imposed, though certainly not all by any means.

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Googled it. Only thing that came up was an out of court settlement with Diebold. I have no idea what Wikipedia article you’re talking about, but the DMCA wiki doesn’t appear to contain these cases of which you speak. But since you seem to have found a bunch of cases where penalties were awarded, please provide some links to them.

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A bit rich considering the firm’s main product seems to be a second rate copy of BBM. Oh wait, they have $19bn more reasons to be right.

Well, no wonder Facebook payed so much for it! It is all clear now.

I like and used whatsapp, until schmuckerberg bought it. I’ll be deleting it at the end of the week and replacing it with Telegram.

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