Wheel on fire, rolling down road


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Better that than a wheel of fire…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go try and get the music of Journey out of my ear…




yeah, the wheel is real…the flames not so much. almost look like one of those video app overlays.



I’ve seen the video this came from before, no fire. It still has enough energy to be quite dangerous if it hit you, though.


That got my attention.


You can tell it’s a quality video from a quality source by the type of recommendations that follow it:
“Funny BABY accident Tractor Excavator Broke Down”
“Funny BABY accident The wheel went down Ride on POWER WHEEL”
“You will laugh till you FART”
“If it were not FILMED, no one would BELIEVE it”
“He’s CRAZY–He cant keep the wheels DOWN!”


Ed Abbey, the anti-industrialist raconteur and “mudhead kachina of the environmental movement” reportedly used to roll flaming tires into various national monuments. But that was before cameraphones.


Found the original, or something close to it:

The magic Google search was “near miss by loose tire” (no quotes).


Oddly enough, a couple summers ago I was driving on the freeway and saw a broken down truck missing a wheel just before an exit ramp. On the exit ramp (it was a cloverleaf), there was a flaming tire just off the shoulder.

Bummer no one got that on video.


Oh god I miss Bubble.


Looks like it hit the driver’s arm. I would be surprised if that did not cause a bad injury. :frowning:


Why do some people think everything needs a soundtrack? Setting accidents to music is just creepy AF.



Also, this was my all-time favorite Bubble outfit:


Seen this?

Jane Horrocks is amazing.





Isn’t that the one Kellyanne wore to the inauguration?




Just for you: