When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout

That seems completely reasonable to me. I know we’ve seen a lot of cops lately who are just straight fuck-ups, but the fact is that if you’re a cop, you know there’s a guy in the next room shooting everyone he can, and you burst in and see a guy holding a gun, the rational response is to shoot him immediately, before he can pull the trigger again. It’s a roll of the dice, but all things considered it’s less likely to result in more innocent deaths.


Well, Fred, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.


The expected benefit (in terms of effect on your average life expectancy) of having a strategy just in case one day you have to escape from a random mass shooter is more-or-less statistically equivalent to the benefit of having an equivalent strategy ready for that one day you might have to escape from velociraptors.


They forgot the classic: Head between knees, kiss ass goodbye. I’m also wondering if they are putting as much energy and creativity into campaigning FOR A BAN ON SELLING ASSAULT RIFLES TO CRAZY PEOPLE (ie. anyone who wants to own one).


Looks like “Duck and cover”, 2016 style.

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When do you change your underwear?

True, I admit, I really have no idea what I’m talking about–I’ve never been in that kind of situation. Didn’t catch myself with the self-filter this time around.

If a cop sees somebody holding a gun, sure. But if they see a gun just lying on the floor?

The situation described is: several people have just jumped the shooter and wrestled the gun away from him. You want to conceal it from him in case he breaks free and goes for it, but you don’t want to pick it up to move it because the cops might shoot you.

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I can’t recall what it is called, but there is this way our brain works where many of us more or less shut down in stressful situation. For example there was a plane that crash landed and caught fire. About half of the people didn’t make it out. Survivors said many people just sat there in a daze. People were screaming and they just shut down. A few were physically grabbed and pushed and they sort of responded to that direct stimuli.

I imagine it is similar when you see mass execution videos and you wonder why everyone is so calm. They have more or less resigned themselves.


Crikey, $500 for a plastic chair?! For that price I’d hope it would at least make an effective weapon.

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We prefer the term “muy locos”. It gives is a flair of culture.

Hmm, the Catch-22 approach to firearms control?

  1. any sane person can own a firearm
  2. if you want to own a firearm, you must be insane

Who knows, it might work. Praying certainly isn’t.


The police had very good reason to believe that the school had be rigged with bombs. Columbine was not intended by the perpetrators to be a shooting spree. They intended to firebomb the school, but botched it.

The $5000 Eames lounge chair was too heavy. Plus, what are you going to do with the ottoman afterwards? It’s gonna look stupid by itself.


Compare to France’s government one:

I grew up in the South, so handling firearms was pretty much part of my upbringing. When I moved to civilization, the idea of going to a gun range instead of plinking in my backyard was somewhat foreign to me, but I did that a little too, although I haven’t fired a gun in over a decade. At the height of my skill, I might have been effective in a shooter situation … assuming the shooter was a stationary target, in a specific location, with me bracing my weapon on a bench, and taking all the time I wanted to take my own shot. The shooter could be anything from a paper target to a tin can, so I’d have that going for me, right?


Basic rule of the street: nobody f’s with a crazy person. That’s why I would walk with a limp, make facial twitches, jerk my neck and intersperse various cusswords at varying volume with with shouts of “Viet Nam!”

It would be cool if some graphic artist expert person here would take that image to the left of FIGHT and change the chair and/or the shooter into Geraldo Rivera.

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Look, if I had super vision I wouldn’t be riding around in a chicken coop with a lion.