When Mike Pence came to Hamilton, the cast added a special afterword, just for him


It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to a politician who went to the theatre!


No, because (1) Obama is a classy smart guy and (2) the government doesn’t allow him an unfiltered line of communication to broadcast stream of consciousness thoughts. I can’t imagine that they will allow Trump, after his inauguration, that ability. It’s genuinely a security risk. What if he wakes up at 4am and tweets “Fuck Russia, let’s bomb the sons of bitches!” or “Kim Jong Un can blow me.” What are the chances of a war starting over a 140-character brain fart?


On the plus side, there’s apparently now a #boycotthamilton movement, so maybe I’ll be able to get a ticket when it comes to Seattle.


The intersection of camouflage Trucknutz™, rolling coal, and Hamilton ticket sales is pretty empty.

Edit: Or hip hop and Trump voters, beyond Kanye.


Wait a second… was he taking notes during the show?


Well, since Breitbart is nothing more than a right-wing Pravda at this point, they’ll praise Dear Leader for his insight and love of America, and condemn the M@nk3yz in the show for inaccurately portraying the history of our white forefathers. They’ll probably call for Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the cast to be deported, because why not, it wouldn’t be the first time they called for Americans to be deported.

the leet-speak racism is a dig at the Breitbart deplorables’ typical comments, btw. I think Disqus might flag blatant racist comments, so they do crap like that.


Good luck. Something tells me those calling for the boycott were never interested in seeing it.


Was Secretary of the Treasury on the list of positions Trump wanted to eliminate?


… or couldn’t get tickets.


Now, guys, I’m sure they did. I’m further sure that they’d be every bit as outraged if a white actor was playing Othello and asked Obama to respect his civil rights from the stage.


To the whiners.

  1. Don’t like that audience booing Pence? Boycott NYC. Warning: nobody will notice
    2). Don’t like the prepared statement that was read? You are not part of the cast or crew. Feel free to start your own play and when the vp comes to see it, don’t read a statement.



I’ll just link to this again


Trump is just a horrible, dangerous baby.

Talk about a sore winner!


Can you imagine what they’d come up with? “Jefferson Davis: An American Musical” (with an all-white cast, including some in blackface playing happy slaves). No separate statement necessary there for Pence.

Remember when Fox News tried to do its own “fair-n-balanced” comedy news show to take on bad ol’ Jon Stewart? They don’t do this kind of showbiz well, and should stick to their strong points like mass rallies, getting free airtime on the news, and hurling childish insults on Twitter.


It is almost as though the hypocrisy comes from a place that is not against the idea of safe spaces, but uses them as a cultural signifier of the other side.

You know, like we have been engaged in decades of divisive politics or something.


You do have to wonder if they’ll permanently take away his twitter account after January just for national security reasons. (I find it hilarious how completely he’s already managing to fuck things up relative to national security - in a week he committed more security faux pas than Hillary has over the years.)

I had forgotten that. Which makes sense, as it was pretty easy to miss when it was on - fake news and absurd commentary didn’t distinguish it from the rest of Fox’s offerings, after all.


Who gave Pence a ticket anyway? And more importantly Why?

Id this the liberal version of conversion therapy. Did it work?

EDIT: This is meant sarcastically! The point being that while the Hamilton cast was respectful, measured in their response. The self-righteous zealots like Pence somehow missed the whole section of the new testament which was about love thy enemy… and your neighbour, and humanity.



But if the Trump-voting tourists stopped coming to NYC, the M&M store, The Olive Garden, the Swatch store, Planet Hollywood… all those places in Time Square that allow the tourists to have a real “New York City Experience” would go out of business!