Activists threw a queer dance party outside Mike Pence’s house on Wednesday


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Pence is go’n love DC.


This is the most effective kind of protest against right-wing authoritarians, who can countenance anything except being laughed at.


Absurdly brilliant move!


This is totally amazing. Love the pure joy.


"Don’t make me come out there!"


Don’t make me come out there!
(Updated with the “real” Mike Pence)


Werk For Peace

Not just going ahead and temporarily renaming themselves to Twerk For Peace…


Mike Pence may well be the shrewdest politician in America. He’ll be President within a year. Has had this gamed out as far back as the primaries.




I’ve actually been wondering for a long time now if this whole farce of an election wasn’t just to get him into office. I don’t think he would have been electable on his own, although then again I would have thought Drumph would have made it either.


Do you have any evidence, though, that the GOP will stand up to Trump and get him out of office, because there seems little to no political will to do so. The Trump partisans that exist in the party seem pretty unwilling to see him thrown out and they can’t do without his populist backing, I think.


The one good thing to come out of recent events: political parties that are also parties!


I can’t find it but i could have sworn there was a recent thread about making your goals public? This is inspiring! For years now I have wanted to organize a public Soul Train line. Surely there is time to put up a some advertising and get some organizing done by the time this bloody snow melts. Please take this idea for yourselves. Dance in the streets you beautiful mutants!


He’s effectively president right now. Remember, Trump only needed help in two areas: foreign policy and domestic policy.

Also, Trump only picked Pence because Pence’s people were the last people he talked to before he said he was going to choose a running mate. Even that was a setup.

I don’t really agree with you, but maybe…


Lots of bathhouses for him to enjoy, and nobody will ask him any questions.


I wouldn’t count on Annoying Orange to cede an inch


The work that we do is about taking our bodies out of the private into the public, using the street as our dance floor to claim space, occupy space to assert we are here and we will dance.”

Yep, if there’s one thing the LGBTQ community definitely needs to work on, it’s that whole “getting their bodies out of the private and into the public” thing.


Your attempt at sarcasm to degrade as you disagree… it rather proves their point. You’re not going to shame them, but you’re going to try. They’re here. They’re Queer. Get over it.


What a thing of beauty!