Building the perfect candidate to beat Trump!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH clever Democrats figure out the best way to beat Trump in 2020!


God help me, but if that’s who the Dems nominated, barring some SERIOUS third party action, Hump would have my vote…


Why “Hump?” He should have gone with “Gump.” Now he’s a successful businessman.


The terror of the political asymptote nicely illustrated. (Remember oh kind reader: support support support your selfish favorite in the primary. Then vote vote vote for the lesser of the two evils in the general. It’s annoying because you have to swap mental firmware at some point; but at least we still get some choice)


At last mssr Bolling has the hands of Herr Hump just right.

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This would be more funny if it were not so perilously close to fact :cry:




And he’s named after a confederate general, it’s perfect!

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I like how his tie is just a little bit too long for his jacket.


I was listening to a podcast the other day where one of the hosts is academically obsessed with “Honor Cultures.” Honor Cultures being societies that require people to be (or at least end up with people being) tough guys focused on strength, honor and immediate personal and proportional retribution because the rule of law is weak. Without laws, sociopaths rise quickly to the top. I feel like Democrats are sliding toward finding their (our? I don’t even know anymore…) own strongman as the rule of law crumbles beneath us and we slide toward autocracy. Joe Biden saying he would kick Trump’s ass in a fight while flashing that million dollar smile is just too on the nose.


Am I the only person who can’t find our political tragedy funny anymore? It’s just so sad…


Nnnoooo there is always room for humor.


Spot on.

I find I can either laugh or cry at these situations we find ourselves in. Most of the time my sense of outrage goes through the roof, but then I have to find some humor to laugh at simply to maintain my sanity.


“The perfect candidate to beat Trump…”

Did almost half of the USA vote for Trump because he was so far to the right, or was it because he was just so out there, so weird and different from the normal “I need to please both sides” candidates we’re used to? Do the DEMs need Biden, or Bernie, or Bulworth?


Yeah, by appropriating the legacy, hard work and name of a person of color, so… that tracks. Let’s do it!

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I almost didn’t click on this article, because I thought such a topic would be a shitshow. Luckily, it was a Bolling cartoon!


Trump was a wrecking ball (and still is).

There are a lot of people out there who will vote for a wrecking ball. Including some who have traditionally voted for Democrats.

Clinton was viewed as a “twiddle with the technocratic corporate state just a little” candidate which is why she lost.

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I don’t think we can point to one single reason why she lost and say that’s the definitive answer. Would she have won if she just campaigned more in the upper midwest states she lost? Perhaps. Would she have won if Comey hadn’t dropped his email bombshell late in the game? Perhaps. Would she have won if she were more to the left or more to the right? Who knows. I am a Bernie fan, but unlike most Bernie fans I am not 100% convinced he would have won either, a lot of this is Monday-morning quarterbacking-- how would Bernie have performed in debates against Trump, what kinds of scary talking points would Fox News create about Bernie, and would most of middle America buy into them or dismiss Fox and trust Bernie? I have no idea.

The American electorate is a chaotic mess, and it’s impossible to perfectly predict what will happen in a chaotic system 100% of the time.

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