When music videos were bafflingly absurd


I think the following song is amazing. The video is a debacle. I really, really want to see a behind the scenes, making of documentary of this.



I recall this one 80s novelty song video. The subject was the very apparent happiness expressed by a newly arrived Asian immigrant to the US. He was shown (with charmingly crude video effects) flying – like Superman – high overhead above cities and such, singing his joy with a heavy accent and not altogether perfect English. “I so happyyyy to beeee heeerre!” The impression I got was that the producers had plucked the fellow from right off the street for the video!

Can anyone tell me the name of the song and/or who wrote it?


Going back a bit is worth it:


Going forward a bit isn’t so bad either.



I always liked the INXS take on it as well. (Also I haven’t heard this in many years)

ETA : I also forgot that is Alan Ginsberg hanging out in the back of the Dylan video.



My brother and I used to chime in with “A one world state as human freight” in our best B-boy styles.


Yet another iteration, at least for a while in the second half:

Andy Warhol’s last film (co-directed, it’s easy to guess that his co-director did more of the work)


Still a better Beach Boys song than Kokomo.


I think that can be applied to any Beach Boys song, other than Kokomo.


Hard to argue with that.

There was some pretty questionable stuff that came out after Brian Wilson really went off the deep end post-SMiLE (and they subsequently ran out of his remaining material to exploit). It wasn’t all bad - there were some smatterings of brilliance throughout 1970s (mostly from when Brian was able to pull himself together and actually get into the studio and work) but so much of it was a far cry from their earlier stuff.

Kokomo, however, is a special kind of terrible. (Naturally, Brian Wilson had no part in it - I’ve read he was actually excluded from the recording sessions.)


I Want My MTV!


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