When Ohio passed a law making "Hang on Sloopy" the official state song



That’s odd - all this time I thought it was Jocko Homo.


Some gems in the original complaints filed in the FBI report on “Louie, Louie”. The misheard lyrics were a real Rorschach reveal of the offended parents’ imaginations.

“This land of ours is headed for an extreme state of degradation what with this record, the biggest hit movies, and the sex and violence exploited on T.V. …these morons have gone too far.” Wrote the moron who went too far.

Incessant listening to Louie, Louie: the smoking gun for what really caused the moral degradation of Director Hoover.

I’m struggling not to hear “Snoopy”, although he doesn’t fit many of the lyrics.

And yes, I love whoever wrote that resolution.

Thus did Ohio become the International Standards Organisation for de facto definitions of Musical Genres.
– Encyclopædia Omphalophous, 2773 Ed.


“Indecipherable at any speed.” Love that phrase.

Here’s an informative and entertaining (21-min) previous radio interview with Jack Ely, the recently-deceased lead singer on ‘Louie, Louie’. It discloses, among other things, how the slurred lyrics came to be and that he was paid $129.62 for his effort.

Why can’t California have such beautiful legislation?

Rich Californians used up all the whereases.

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