Rubber Biscuit, the Blues Brothers


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The original:


Awesome. Thank you!

As a little kid I was so convinced that Elwood was actually singing words in this and I’d listen over and over again trying to understand…

Good find! Interesting to me that the original clocks in about 35 seconds shorter and the vocals feel a bit more rushed. Makes me wonder if there was some non performance reason like using up tape or studio time that they’d already paid for and getting this one in as an extra.

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At some point I arrived at the following couplet:

Hey, get away with your willy-whacker
I’ve got a copy of The Tommyknockers

  • which will now forever haunt the ears in my brain whenever I hear this song.
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Dang it, I won’t be able to unsee this.

also @Israel_B

I hear something along the lines of “Zul was a Chippewa”

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I just watched Ghostbusters and so now I’m doubly screwed. I’m gonna be confused between your version and @N_D 's version.

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