"When she finished her pitch, the investor said he didn’t invest in women"


To be fair, would you want to be in business with someone like that? Dodged a bullet I feel.


Dog bites man story, unfortunately.


I do hope she can think linearly right into her lawyer’s office. There’s no law against being an asshole… unless you happen to represent a federally licensed bank, or any business that contracts with the government, or receive SBA funding…


I’m confused - why did he even let her pitch, if he doesn’t invest in women?


For the power and thrill of saying “No” after she had poured out her heart.


Sadly, this probably isn’t even in the top 10 stupid traits of VC’s. I’ve had to pitch to them, and frankly they don’t impress me anymore. This whole asshole persona many of them foster is part of a dominance game. Heck, the comment about not investing in women might be part of the bargaining. Anything to break the other party down so they will accept outrageous terms.


“for example, my wife cannot prioritize her to do list…”

I am continually lectured by my friends and family that good will prevail (over evil), but every day I am given examples of how far off we are from a positive, high functioning society.


So wait, rather than people who know how to make good investments, many venture capitalists are just sexist, racist morons who happen to have a lot of money? I’m so glad we have a system where we need their permission to bring new products to market.


I have a friend at MIT, a professor and not a student, who wears a wedding ring for basically the same reason. It’s the only way to not get hit on. As far as her colleagues know, she is married.

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Because the investor hasn’t mastered linear thinking, obviously.


Hmmm…judging by past few decades or so, I’d say that “linear thinking” WTHTI (Whatever The Hell That Is) has been the real problem. I’m left with a simple conclusion: power-tripping male assholes will throw any nonsense out there to make their motives look rational…because their motives are anything but. As a widely-acknowledged non-linear guy, I was shuffled off this traditional track long ago…missing out on all this so-called “fun.”

The most competent managers and entrepreneurs I’ve encountered over the years are women who just didn’t give a shit what the boys club thought.


Free market research.

I believe that is a central tenet of Mansplainin’.

Ditto, most of the best teachers I’ve ever had, because they had to work a lot harder and show a lot more actual competence to get the same status.

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Some men are arseholes to other men, some men are arseholes to women, some women are arseholes to other women, some women are arseholes to men. The powerful are often arseholes to the less powerful. Some people are racist, sexist, homophobic and/or many other "ist"s and "ic"s. People fuck each other over all the time, why is the specific combination in this article newsworthy?

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the anecdote is from a larger story. the article says it best:
“it’s only through these stories that we can begin to understand that the statistics aren’t the result of some fluke or mass oversight, but a very real problem that needs to be solved.”


Yeah, any venture capitalists worth a damn would realise that tired old methods are likely to be the least profitable, and would be looking for fresh approaches.


I didn’t think my opinion of venture capitalists could get any lower.

I was wrong.

Let us know when you have lived as a woman, and have experienced the particular phenomena of completely irrational misogyny.