When Steve Bannon & co spent $1,000 on booze at Mar-a-Lago, taxpayers picked up the tab

Not just armagnacs: there are some pretty good cognacs that don’t appear much en dehors de l’Hexagone. Bouju, for example.


As well as the possibly nonexistent drinks, I wonder what else gets tacked on the bill to pad it past the $546/night/room cap?

Maybe that mint on the pillow is just as free as the drinks in the bar fridge?

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“Secret Service Charge”. They had to pay that guy to work the door.

@Ratel Bannon. Auto-erotic Asphyxiation. Please pass the brain bleach.


Thx for that…

Stake through the heart.

Burn the body to ashes.

Scatter the ashes to the wind.

Remove his name from the history books, so none will utter it and give the ashes power to coalesce.


Great line for a song!


It’d make a great Dethklok song


Is that the same night about which Trump later bragged that he deciding to bomb a country he couldn’t remember the name of (Syria) while Xi enjoyed “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen”?

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