When you're a cat and you hear the can opener sound


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Have cats, can confirm. I peel back the lid to a can of spagetti-os and at least 3 cats come running into the kitchen thinking it’s something for them. They’re all part siamese cats so they are pretty willing to make alot of noise about wanting something some times


No wet food for my stinky-butt kitteh; but he has the same reaction to the rustling of any waxed paper bag.



Oh yes. I had a cat a few years ago. He was a tuxedo cat. When I’d come home from work, he’d greet me with demanding meows which I could only translate as “feed me, woman, I’m starving!”


My cat has surpassed this low-level parlor trick. I rarely open a can of anything, and he generally doesn’t respond. But when I get out the mayonnaise and then open a can, he knows it’s tuna time!


Can-opener, cat slang for owner.


I dump the big bag of kibble into a 5 gallon bucket for storage. Every time I do it the burmese comes running to investigate…




Meezers SO LOUD.


This is like Miss Fwiff when I press the button on the laser. A tiny little click and she’s on full alert, looking everywhere for it to appear.


Jeezus human that is water, what kind of insane thing are you doing? Do you not realize how wrong this is?!



I respond that way when my wife shakes an Altoid tin. Can’t help it. Past lives?


Record and upload please. :slight_smile:


pavlov’s can opener…just doesn’t have the same ring



With my cat, also ALL DAMN DAY.


This just reminds me how lucky we got with our two Siamese cats. They’re both generally very quiet unless they want another cat to come play with them. One cat won’t even purr out loud unless we really get him worked up.


Cats react to the can opener sound for a couple of reasons. 1) They love tuna and people like me who love cats succumb to the temptation of feeding them once in a while to feeding them tuna. Tuna is not good for cats, it has little nutrient value for cats and drains them of vital Vitamin D. 2) People feed cats canned food. Canned food is garbage, total garbage BUT they have additives that make cats like them, much as all the junk food humans consume. So yes, you open a can and they come running. Sad though, you are just feeding them rubbish, running to the veterinarian every 3 months, getting them drugs that only further destroy their health, and shorten their life. Feed them raw food, it is not so complicated, make an effort (I realize it is easier to open a bag of friskies and throw it in a dish as opposed to getting fresh chicken/beef and cutting in small pieces, adding needed supplements and feeding them). But… the rewards are there. Always had to run to the vet years ago when I fed them kibbles and canned food (although I will agree that there are some healthy natural brands that do make good cooked/canned foods for cats). Kibble however, is not good, in any form or shape. The last 10 years on raw, I haven’t had an issue. So yes, a can opener, much as opening a “treats” bag… gets them running, all for the wrong reason… eating garbage. Cats get addicted (or are made addicted to as humans) to junk food. Sad.


I don’t know what to say… except…


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