When you've had too much Trump news and bae reminds you about Caturday


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The Quartz Media app for the iphone has a “Trump Snooze” feature. It lets users enable a “24-hour political timeout” that will block any news mentioning 45. We could use more of that on all media.

Bliss. We could all use more Caturdays…


@xeni This + the two dog posts = hero of the day. Thanks!


It’s still Friday.



Not on this side of the Pacific!


Human: Let’s dance!
Cat: WTF is she doing now? Shall I scratch her on the butt or bite her face off? Nah, too much trouble. I’ll just put up with it. (sigh)


To paraphrase the song, it’s Caturday somewhere!


“When the kitty revolution comes, I will kill you first.”



Rainy Caturday Pusheen Picnic


I’ve had to stop checking this blog as often because of Trump news.


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