Where can Harvey Weinstein get a dinner reservation?


I imagine he would be welcome at Chez Trump.


I do not in any way condone Wienstein’s past behaviour. In fact, I deeply deplore it.
However, Wienstein committed sexual assault on a relatively large scale. He did not commit genocide.
The level of punishment given should correlate with the offence committed, and likening Wienstein with Hitler is going too far, to be honest.


“If Adolf Hitler flew in today, they’d send a limousine anyway.”
He did, and they did. He looks like a creamsicle these days.

Oxymoronically, “Aryan” has always been a pretty inclusive category, looks wise.


Exactly. The answer is ‘pretty much anywhere because he’s still rich as fuck’.


Well, I’m likening him to a creep who gets the red carpet treatment.



“Nordic Aryan” is a load of crap derived from the fabrications and lies of a 19th century wealthy French-born aristocrat and pseudo-scientific racist named Arthur de Gobineau whose made-up bullshit became part of the basis of Hitler’s policies.

Actual Aryans were the self-designation of an ancient ethno-linguistic group during the Vedic Age whom demographers today usually called Indo-Iranians because Nazi’s trashed their heritage; they’re brown people radiating from the general vicinity of the Indus Valley Civilization during the late Greek Dark Age into the Archaic Greek period.

I’m assuming you meant the latter. This elaboration is for the benefit of anyone who may be unaware of the history behind your comment and what I took you to mean.


Actually what I meant was that if you look at any group of people calling themselves “Aryan”, you get all different hair, eye colors, and other various genetic markers which demonstrate that they are as pure as a garbage dump.

But I like your explanation too.


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