Where can Harvey Weinstein get a dinner reservation?

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Did you want that fish with regular spittle, or extra spittle?



I wonder if there would have been any difference if the reservation was for Weinstein and 5 up-and-coming actresses.

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Masa: “I’m not 100 percent sure we have enough fish, as our fish is imported from Japan on a daily basis.”

That may actually be true, as there is currently a major sushi supply chain disruption involving any fish coming through greater Tokyo due to the historic relocation of the famous Tsukiji fish market!


That really shouldn’t be a surprise, because the person answering the phone is typically NOT the owner or manager. The person answering the phone is pretty much disposable; they’d be risking their job (and conceivably, ability to find a job) if they started denying reservations based on their own personal morals.


I wish they had included the full transcript. I want to know the magic words to get a same-night table at a high-end restaurant.

If I call a restaurant reservation line and give a celebrity’s name and they give me a reservation, can I just then show up that night and say my name is Brad Pitt or whatever? I mean, it’s not like there’s only one Brad Pitt in the world, and I’ve never had my ID checked for a restaurant reservation. Plus, if they don’t seat me, they’re sacrificing the income from a table for the night.

This has given me ideas.

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This really shouldn’t be a surprise, because money changes everything.


‘Starfuckery’ is such a gross part of culture. Notable people, good or bad, get a unique brand of recursive, completely undue attention and it’s just tacky. I hope those restauranteurs get at least a modicum of shame for keeping any trace of Weinstein in their systems after everything that’s unfolded this last year. Anyhoo, check out my personal clandestine photo of him from over a decade ago. He was right there!


Was it this one? It was really clever!

Trump was the butt of yet another genius Spy spoof when the magazine mailed minuscule checks to celebrities to see who would actually take the time to cash them. The cover story, called “Who Is America’s Cheapest Zillionaire?” revealed that Trump cashed a check for 13 cents.


But do any of the restaurants actually know that the Harvey Weinstein in question is the Harvey Weinstein? Call me crazy, but I suspect there’s more than one Harvey Weinstein in the New York City area.


It couldn’t run me that. If it tried, I would trip it and kick it to death while it was down.

I’m trying not to think about how we are trying to scrape together enough money so that my daughter can replace her stolen car with anything that is cheap enough and reliable enough to get her to and from work so she doesn’t lose her job, without having to take out another loan, and the amount we are aiming for is around half of what a single dinner for four could cost at Masa.

Fuck this noise.

At least one.


But even there the restaurant staff person could be referring to some other Harvey Weinstein who’s a preferred guest.

Suuuuure. I suppose so. That guy – if he exists – must be having a hell of a time these days. Like anyone with the last name of “Santorum”.


Many restaurants store phone numbers along with names so as to correctly identify regulars, newcomers and people who place reservations or orders and then don’t show up. The host for Minetta Tavern for instance was apparently confused that the number the reporter called from was not the one they had on record for Weinstein.


Perhaps in hell, sitting on Satan’s left hand? I mean literally sitting on Satan’s left hand…


Since they mentioned him being a regular- sure.

I’m sure he tries to go to restaurants where folks in the entertainment business know him and have exclusive clientele. Why go somewhere to be seen by the little people?

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“If Adolf Hitler flew in today, they’d send a limousine anyway.”

He did, and they did. He looks like a creamsicle these days.