Where to get that “Bruce Lee as a DJ” t-shirt Tony Stark wore in “Avengers”


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Heh, I knew I recognized that as an old school GR tee…


Glad to see BoingBoing point out where the original design came from as it has since been ripped off by Urban Outfitters.


Love the thing from the movie? Need to have it to feel just like the movie person? Have I got the website for you.

You sad, forlorn puppet of capitalism.


And already sold out in all sizes.


Pfffft. I sold out long before it was popular.


I hate shopping with such a passion that T-shirt-wise I’m down to a single olive number picked up from the Field Museum in Chicago. I’d love a service that sent me an eclectic dozen …,


Never pay more than $25 for a T-shirt.


That site utterly fucked my browser. I’d like a Nostromo crew jacket, I will say. I don’t think that lurid horripilation would supply me with one though, even when it wasn’t busy breaking the internet.


Nothing Alien-related on that site. But I found this essay.



And “inspired byT-shirts.


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