Where to pee at Mardi Gras


When I see stuff like this, my love for America swells my heart up. We put the “pee” in opportunity.


Keep in mind that the one where it’s “free and we will even give you a beer” it’s only the first use that’s free. They have guaranteed return business.


I am torn between those feelings and humming the theme from Urinetown.


“Urinetown”? Hadn’t heard of it, thanks for the info! Hopefully a revival is in the works. . .

Even more insidious than cigarettes! Hmmmmmm. . .briefly indulges in Bathroom Baron fantasy

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Back in the day, my roommate and me - the biggest bead whores you ever met - faced this problem by wearing sanitary pads and urinating on people’s lawns. It was actually pretty gross but seriously, we had the coolest beads ever.


That name is unfortunate, and clearly they haven’t done due diligence to clear up any double meanings… PnP is an abbreviation in the cruising culture of gay men. “Party and Play” is getting high on crystal meth and having sex, usually implied unprotected sex.

I think I don’t understand this bead culture business at all when I’m aware of how easy they are to just buy. I get that it’s not actually getting the actual beads but the experience of getting them, but I don’t think I’d need to actually get the beads then because I would have experienced it.

TL; DR: Not for me.

PS - What did you eventually do with your beads?

If you aren’t a cis gendered person then http://www.refugerestrooms.org is a good option to find safe restrooms.

Oh come on, you mean the “peepee” in opportunity!


That must have led to some awkward situations with tech people where PnP is short for Plug and Play.


A perfect application for pee-er to pee-er networking!

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I stand corrected. A thousand pardons.

@SteampunkBanana Mardi Gras is pure magic - it is ridiculous and makes no sense, but these rich people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to dress up and get drunk and throw beads and cups at the hoi poloi. And then when you are running after the floats chasing them for that last dubloon, yelling Throw Me Sumpkin’ Mista! you feel like the most special person ever when they toss you a weird bra with a comedy face on one tit and a tragedy face on the other with the labels “Sweet” and “Sour” underneath. Ah! Treasure!

You can use the cheap beads to throw at the tuba players (until they got smart and put covers on them) or toss into a bead tree or dress up a chandelier. The fancy ones, the “pearls” are of course for wearing and having others admire your Mardi Gras prowess.

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On a similar note, P2P isn’t always peer-to-peer. Sometimes it’s pay to play, as in prostitution.

OK, I’ll bite. Lots of the descriptions say “Cheaper than OPP.” Do they mean Official Parade Potties? Because the meaning of OPP I know about is only relevant in a restroom context if you have… particular tastes.

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