One quarter of New Orleans' catch-basins were clogged to uselessness with 93,000 lbs of plastic Mardi Gras beads


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perhaps it’s time to switch to candy necklaces? Kinkier and biodegradable! I’m not sure what 93,000 lbs of cheap powdered sugar would do to a water supply, although it would kinda turn your municipal water system into margarita mix on tap…


Excess Mardi Gras beads cause flash flooding…news at 11.


maybe a redeemable deposit on them? BeadBucks …blockchain something or other…


Cory is really blogging while drunk today. 93,000 pounds of Mardi Gras beads constitute less than 1% of the 7.2 million pounds of mud, leaves, and suchlike debris flushed from the clogged catch basins to date.


just think of the poor shmuck who had to clean and weight them! because, no way that is just a totally made up number…


mardi gras has been around with plastic beads for a long time… is this an accumulation of decades of beads? or just from last year? why is this suddenly something they are realizing would be a problem only now?


From the article

93,000 pounds

From the headline

93,000 tons


that scam show on netflix went to new orleans. has to be hands down the scariest episode, up there with the argentina episode. the level of corruption in Louisiana is bordering on an epidemic


that’s only an 185,907,000 lbs difference. closer than some posts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some good news, some boffin has come up with biodegradable beads which will be cheaper than normal ones:


Correction to the correction. From TFA (emphasis added):

46 tons of Mardi Gras beads found in clogged catch basins

93,000 pounds on a five-block stretch of St. Charles Avenue downtown.


that is the only place they were an issue, the 5 block area downtown.
93,000lbs = 46.5 tons, they are the same number and the one @ActuallyARegular quoted.
93,000 tons came from cory’s headline.


Dammit my caffeine intake is clearly inadequate today…


Ever been to New Orleans? It’s filthy. Mardi Gras beads aren’t the kind of beads I’d be worried about finding a ton of.


Aren’t Mardi Gras beads also supposedly filled with lead and other toxic materials?


Sorry, but I’m not flashing for anything less than 50 tons of beads.


I see a business opportunity for the anal bead industry.


So quickly anal beads become canal beads.


As a proud New Orleanian, I’d like to disagree with the characterization that all New Orleans contracts are marred in scandal or corruption. I’d like to be able to disagree.
The bigger point that Cory missed, though, is that this is 46 tons from a tiny stretch of one street downtown. This is less than 5% of one parade route. Across the city that would likely be over a thousand tons of plastic.