Where's Maggie?


Haven’t seen any stories submitted by her in a while.

Podcast: Happy Xmas! (guest starring Poesy)
The Big Bang is going down


Oh, I thought this was going to be some kind of fun educational game.


I guess it’s no surprise, but… man, that look really suits her, too.


hi Mr. Petersen!


Howdy! Long time. :^)


I’m pretty sure I read this when it posted but it doesn’t say that she was quitting BB to just do that, so I was confused also until the other day when I asked about her in a different thread and Daneel explained it.


yeah, we ended up fabricating an explanation


Missed that. Thanks. Who’s on the science beat while she’s off to Bean Town?


I too miss Maggie The Science Lady.


I just saw this and wanted to wave hello. Thanks for the kind thoughts!


OK - I revived this topic instead of making a new one.

Where is Maggie? I genuinely liked her posts probably the most on BB. Her science posts are definitely missed.

I know she had a kiddo, is she just too busy now? Found a new job? Eaten by a dragon?


No one knows? @Falcor @beschizza @maggiekb??


She wrote this article that was published last month. I’m not sure what else she’s doing though.


Damnit @Falcor!


Her work’s fab. We just have a limited budget for freelance and contributing editors. Lean times for web publishing.


Everyone start clicking ads. We should get at least one a month…


Blech. I’d Patreon this site, though.


@maggiekb is the bee’s knees. That is all.


Aww, thank you guys. I <3 BoingBoing.

I’m still working! Doing stuff for National Geographic Online, Atlas Obscura, The New York Times, and a few other places.