Where's the ball going?


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Willie Thorne or GTFO.


Now that I finished with that, I’ve some paint to watch dry.


The climax of the final in the early hours of a Monday morning was watched by 18.5 million people in the United Kingdom,which remains a record for BBC2, and also remains a record post-midnight audience for any channel in the United Kingdom. The total match time of 14 hours 50 minutes is the longest for a best-of-35-frame match.

Ah, memories.


“That Mitchell and Webb Look” was one of the quirkiest things on Netflix. I really miss that show.



This makes we want to watch more sports (or “sports” as the case may be here) with commentators that don’t know what’s going on at all. Along the lines of this:

(I realize this is a parody and I also realize the guy in the snooker video knows all about snooker).


So, you’ve watched Peep Show, then?


Where’s that drip going? WHERE’S THAT DRIP GOING?



Man, I was totally tripping on the AMSR in this video by the end!


Yes I made it through a couple of seasons. While I love it and think it’s quite funny, I think owing to its format as a loosely serial and rather dark sitcom it gets kind of depressing after awhile, whereas TM&WL could stay upbeat.

Either way, Mitchell & Webb and Key & Peele are my favorite modern day comedy duos.

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