Which deodorant brands are mostly empty containers?

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It’s all an illusion.


Answer: All of them that are crank-up style. It does, at least, admit how many ounces are provided on the packaging, if you have the ability to visualize the ounces vs. the packaging.


So could the conclusion of the ranting possibly be that product using higher-quality/more-expensive ingredients (rather than manufacturers charging for brand “cachet” – right AXE?) cost more per unit of weight, and/or deliver smaller amounts of product?
Breaking news?

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And all that plastic is just garbage…


Poor guy is under the delusion that he’s not paying for the packaging, but only for the contents by weight. Ha!

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This may just be a silly exercise in the long run, but it was interesting for me to learn more about what’s in the packaging. Extra plastic means more plastic waste all so they can appear larger on the shelf. Also, how many people weigh the contents? I’m wondering if a brand that regularly provides less deodorant than advertised, even if marginal, can be taken to court over it

Stinking bastards!


This is why i buy gel deodorant in a clear stick… You can see what is really there.

Packaging waste is one of the main reasons I stopped using canned shaving cream years ago and switched over to a shaving brush and bowl. If I’m feeling extra frugal I don’t even need to buy shaving soap because I can just throw in all the leftover slivers of bar soap from the sink and shower.

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