Which photos of Alton Sterling did the media use?


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Ooh, ooh, I know this one!

The poorly-framed and dehumanized photo that directly appeals to Fox’s racist consumer base’s biases!




I thought it was the one with the red shirt. Because police are enraged by the color, which is why matadors are often their #1 victims.


Many of these things is not like the other and it’s: objectivity!


I just can’t with this shit.


It doesn’t matter which photo FoxNews uses. They all look the same to its audience.


Sad, but likely.


At a Dutch news site nu.nl this was mentioned.
I could not handle the last alinea.
"Het is niet voor de eerste keer dat er wordt geprotesteerd. Het doodschieten van Afro-Amerikaanse verdachten heeft in de Verenigde Staten in de afgelopen maanden herhaaldelijk geleid tot grote betogingen en onlusten."
Roughly translated it says something like this:
“It’s not the first time demonstrations occur. The shooting of Afro-American suspects has have led, for the past months, to big demonstrations and riots.”

I spent some time to send an e-mail to the ‘complaint’ address of that site. If the journalist in question was aware of the fact that ‘missing’ some information or not giving it to the readers, conscious or unconscious, both bad, makes a total different alinea. And a journalist should be aware of biases.
So, that adding something in the line of ‘excessive amount of’ or something alike would make a whole different sentence. And feel.
Got a reaction back from there redaction, they would look into it… yeah…


Severely beating a suspect --> baton rouge.


They probably think he looks a lot like Obama.


Nice passive language, too: “Police-involved shooting”


Don’t know. I refuse to subject myself to Fox News.

But if form holds: Either someone else’s entirely (‘The Game’ as Trayvon Martin, for example), or the most unflattering, dark picture they can find or photoshop. Let the victim-blaming commence!!


There was an article within the past couple of years about all the steps involved in transforming “police shot a person” to “there was a police-involved shooting.” I think it was posted here on BB but I can’t find it now.


So what can we do to change that?


I honestly don’t know.

If I had any viable solutions, I’d be working on them already.


It’s such an important question. I don’t have answers either, but I feel like that would be what would really, deeply make something (anything) of this tragedy


Well, hopefully Gretchen Carlson will bankrupt Roger Ailes and FauxNews will go down as collateral damage.



Hey, I can dream.