Which whisk(e)y will you be drinking?


Or stick a flake in it and it’s a 99. Do try a whisky one time.


Spot on! Cheers, mate.


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And now I’m off again… “Glenlivet is overrated.” Source?


Well. . . Donald Trump wears pants so I must also be some kind of heathen because I wear pants just like him.

There’s no accounting for taste, which brings us back to Glenlivet: I’m not saying it’s bad, it is quite good (of course I think most Scotch whiskies are good, certainly miles beyond even the best bourbons), but the huge popularity of Glenlivet I suspect has more to do with marketing and name recognition, particularly among people who don’t drink whisky.

It’s right there on the label: “The Best Whisky In The World.” :wink:


Yeah, and Budweiser is “The King of Beers”.


To all those above…It is personal taste and preference. Don’t give me any bullshit about drinking whiskey on the rocks or over a single large cube or with a drop of water to bloom is somehow bad, wrong, or means the drinker is an idiot. Fuck off with that noise. Let people drink their poison of choice however they want to. Additionally this is completely off topic for the thread but we DO have a Whiskey/What are you drinking thread over here: Which whisk(e)y will you be drinking?


Is as peaty as Laphroaig? I’m not really into booze, but I do have some appreciation for peated scotches. There’s nothing else on this planet that taste quite like them.


Pretty sure this is the “make fun of Michael Cohen and his client” thread = on topic.

Giving an opinion ≡/≡ telling people what to do.

With traditional Speyside malts, democratic institutions and other such niceties, you can respect the way they are designed, leveraging the experience of people who have finessed it over centuries and possibly gained some clue as to what works, or you can go off piste like a Trump with a presidency.



and equating the way someone takes their drink with they are a horrible person is ok with you? great. Moving along. I have zero to say to you and even less of a desire to interact with you. Good bye.


Too much peat can be like hot sauce that’s too hot, you can lose the taste of the underlying substance. For point of reference, try a milder one, see how you like it. Sort of like how America is about to try a milder outlier president, Mike Pence.



Thanks, once I save up enough money I’ll give a shot (no pun intended).


Hey now, you and @kaibeezytentroy can dial it back a bit. There is some science behind the idea that ice can change and for some enhance the flavor of Scotch.

That and I like booze cold.


I’ll plead guilty to 8 counts of exuberant excess re Cohen’s perp walk, but don’t impeach my client, Bobo, who was merely and astutely picking up on another meme of the day I just heard about, which was this thing about Disney taking liberties with Merida’s vocabulary.


And so I have!


Except bandaids, of course.


In two languages, no less. Obviously a nod to the Auld Alliance


Mmm iodine.


Best considered with the knowledge that he tried to slap his name on a line of overpriced steaks, and what Anthony Bourdain revealed about how chefs will give customers who order “well done” cuts that otherwise would have been unusable, since cretins who order well done can’t taste the difference. To the best of my knowledge no other president tried to sell steaks (though Nixon did give out free copies of his wife’s meat loaf recipe)


Maybe its because I’m a giant geek. Maybe its because I deal with this sort of thing professionally. But personal prefference is often enough the last thing on my mind. Its a big impedment to understanding things fully, guaging the market etc. I’ve spent a lot of time eating and drinking things I personally dont like. And things that are just not good. I hate vodka and I hate tequila. But I can tell you if something is a good tequila or a good vodka. And I both need to know how to do that, and want to be able to do it. If you want to develop a pallat. In general, or for something specific. You really need to poke your preferences and senses with a stick. Often agressively.

From the geek side thats still about personal preference because its about finding your personal preference. But for example I’m drinking and tasting a lot of IPAs lately. And even though I’ve found a couple I like. I still hate the catagory, and I most certainly dont prefer any of those beers.

I have some of those. They suck. They’ll chill the whiskey but cold whiskey without some dilution just doesnt work as well.

The big ice cubes work well though. They slow things down quite a bit. And don’t get in the way as you’re sipping.


Once more back on topic, I have to give another shout-out to Writer’s Tears. It’s becoming my favourite whiskey, and I have been buying it instead of Powers nowadays.