While no bike lock is really secure, here is what I chose

We’ve seen it – it is nice:

My worst bike-theft experience was when someone stole just my brake calipers. Which I discovered on my way down a steep hill.

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Yeah, bike locks are really just deterrents that are there not so much to protect from theft as to protect from casual theft.

One thing I think will be increasing as more people go to e-bikes is bicycle garages, with on-site personnel to guard the bikes stored there, offer perks like checking tire pressure, or even just CCTV surveillance to help track thieves. Some train stations already offer this, and my place of work also has an employees-only bicycle garage. (Munich, Germany)


Oh, as for why thieves can get away with using heavy equipment for stealing bikes? They wear orange vests and act like they work for the city most of the time, impounding abandoned or illegally parked bikes. One group of thieves was especially blatant, came with a truck, and took the entire rack with all the bikes still attached to it, presumably to cut the chains at leisure once they were elsewhere (they were caught, by the way).


I’ve been saying for approximately ever, since well before ‘social engineering’ entered the lexicon, that you can steal almost anything you want if you have a hand truck, coveralls, a white van, and depending on the circumstances, a clipboard that you are very very eager to get somebody to sign.


just grab a skunk… poooweeeee

LPL did a video on this and depending on where you live this product might not be legal to put on your bike

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I admire your confidence that people or even the security guard will do a single thing if someone starts removing bikes.

I’ll bet his title is “Loss Prevention Officer” or similar and his brief is to prevent shoplifting and, maybe, protect staff from assaults and little else.

my electric bike weighs 70+ pounds without the lock. check mate, weak bike thieves!

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The thief, dressed in white, is seen breaking out a device that caused a lot of sparks to fly. After about 10 minutes, the thief was able to get away with a specialized Allez Elite, which Jones says has a retail price of about $1,400.

Jones believes that the sparks were from the thief cutting through his top-quality Kryptonite U-Lock.


Locks keep honest people honest and challenges to thieves.

yeap… we know it’s not legal or legally bound for in the united kingdom