Whisk Takers delivers everything you need to make brilliant baked desserts right to your door

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“ These cupcakes are not only bursting with deep chocolate and addictive hazelnuts, but they also unleash that incredible smell of fresh-baked treats throughout your home…”

I’m afraid I only eat adjective-free food.


Fully agreed - with the exception of ‘green’ as in ‘green leafy vegetables’. Oh - and ‘leafy’, obvs. :wink:

Other allowed adjectives:

Whisk Takers delivers everything you need to make brilliant baked desserts right to your door

And no one ever has to run to the store for something they forgot

Well…you do have to supply your own butter, eggs, and chocolate chips for the brownies…and your own eggs, sour cream and vegetable oil for the cupcakes…

I’m curious why the boxes for brownies include vegetable oil, while for the cupcakes you’ll have to supply your own ½ cup of vegetable oil. If they’ve figured out how to package and ship the vegetable oil for the brownies, couldn’t they also do so for the cupcakes?


This reminds me of those packets of Yorkshire pudding mix I see at the store, where you have to add your own eggs, flour and milk. And (of course) supply the fat / drippings to cook it in

Yorkshire pudding is just flour, eggs and milk, cooked in drippings and fat. So, what’s in the tiny packet?


Don’t forget to add the one-year warranty.

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The preservatives that you’d be missing? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, and maybe the dash of salt…

It lasts long enough to need preservation? What household are they living in?

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So they don’t provide everything you need to make the recipes, lacking the perishable ingredients. Which is usually my stumbling block when making baked goods - I don’t have enough of some perishable ingredient. Weirdly, it’s the flour and sugar and nuts that are things I have sitting around in quantity all the time. So… they do all the “hard” work of measuring out the dry ingredients for you. In other words, a service for those who find measuring cups to be tricky things.




Yes, the adjectives are usually full of gluten.

A solution looking for a problem. That does not exist.

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