White House outs Kabul CIA chief, yet no one goes to prison


I suppose sending no one to prison is at least better than what happened in 2007 when we sent someone to prison… just not the person who actually leaked the CIA agent’s identity.


This one seems like a pretty major fuckup, but it doesn’t seem to have been done maliciously. I would expect someone to be fired, but I wouldn’t expect jailtime, especially since every news organization I’ve seen reporting on this has avoided reprinting the name of the official.


Was it Jeff Vader?

Exactly. 50 USC §421 says that it’s a crime when someone “intentionally discloses” the identity of a covert agent, and this was pretty clearly an accident. I’d also say it’s a case where the press censoring itself in the name of national security was handled well; they told us about the screw-up but didn’t include damaging information.


Prison is for us PEONS. The poor, the non-powerful, the non-first-family African Americans…

Why the hell would anybody go to prison?

Is a CIA station chief a “covert agent?” He’s not exactly out wearing disguises and making drops.

I’ve been kind of curious about the headline that has always gone with this story - it’s the White House that outed the CIA chief.

The CIA officer’s name and (assumably) title were given to the White House press office by U.S. military officials. Why is it that the White House is to blame and not the US military?

Today White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced his resignation to “spend more time with his family.”

Sacrificial lamb?

Just you all wait!!!

Any day now, Obama is going to find out from the morning newscasts that he is the President.

And on that day, the change is a comin’!!!

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